7 Sexy Sins MOD APK 1.0.11 (Menu/Attack multiplier/God mode)

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Name7 Sexy Sins APK
PublisherZai Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack multiplier/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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7 Sexy Sins gathers evil demons but looks very cute and beautiful. Behind that beautiful beauty is a sky of intrigue, making you shiver. They take you into dungeon-like spaces to do battles. In this moment of fighting, you must be alert and dodge the bullets from the opponent in time. You will also come up with strategies to attack the enemy, asserting your name. You have a small body but great strength, enough to fight in the cruel world. Be strong against enemies, defeat them to bring light to the world.

7 Sexy Sins

Download 7 Sexy Sins mod – Transform into a goddess to eradicate evil

You have the right to destroy objects that bring bad intentions to the world. Demonic forces are always lurking to challenge players. You also own a sexy girl book about a beautiful goddess’s journey to conquer monsters. Players will go through 7 stages, confronting many different tycoons and bosses. The dark world was already a disadvantage, going deeper into the dungeon had the challenge of large boulders. Players can fly in the air, you should navigate them accurately. Bullets from both sides are fired consecutively, and you and your opponent must avoid each other to stay safe.

7 Sexy Sins mod apk

Players must ensure the distance between themselves and the opponent, you will be in the left corner, and the proper territory is the enemy’s territory. When you win, i.e., the dungeon is merged, the complete usage switch to you. You will conquer gradually to fill the story on your long journey. Not only facing the bosses, but their minions also give you a headache. They try to tie you up with deadly bullets. When the protective wall is broken, it’s the boss’s turn to show up. They will make you weak; your hands will quickly become numb. Beware of such heavenly plots for long-term survival.

7 Sexy Sins apk

Dodge bullets

The stories of war only stop when you finish seven days of hell. The enemy uses bullets to make you lose your life. The number of shots released at different times isis sometimes less, but the quality does not change. You only need a minor collision with one of those bullets to lie down. They will launch bullets in an arc to cover the space before you. Players take turns using their fingers to move their goddess through the safe bullet holes. Any area that can hold on is that you immediately take advantage of it. Dodge those dangers for as long as possible, but at the same time, try to counterattack.

7 Sexy Sins mod

Unlock paintings

To enrich their collection, players only have to fight the bosses. When winning immediately, the sexy picture of the devil will be depicted in all details. You proceed to unlock each image in levels from left to right. The unknowns are still waiting for you in the back; no need to rush. Seeing those pictures, your vision is also expanded in many directions. To feel a portrait painted by 7 Sexy Sins, there are many corresponding streams of thought. It may or may not be the same idea; that’s how the player perceives the image. You must aim to conquer these seven pictures in at least seven days.

7 Sexy Sins apk free

Use power

The goddess is also equipped with the power of 7 Sexy Sins to serve the battles. Your bullets are pink heart-shaped, true to your gentle personality. You also get additional capabilities, such as powerful tornadoes or lightning bolts. All those extra features are admitted when the player accumulates the rewards in the previous rounds. The energy collection keeps filling up daily, a good sign of being ready to fight in other areas. Each use brings high efficiency and explosive power; just one operation can destroy many objects simultaneously. Attach that energy to your bullets to increase your success.

7 Sexy Sins organize matches against beautiful female demons. You are a goddess so the solution will be gentle but not weak. Every challenge is conquered, and there are failures, but you will receive many memorable lessons. Strategies to dodge in time and find attack opportunities for each turn. The female demons in each round will be different; they build their playground, so you must adapt accordingly. Download the 7 Sexy Sins mod, search for monsters for seven days and eradicate them to bring back the light.

Download 7 Sexy Sins MOD APK (Menu/Attack multiplier/God mode) for Android

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