7Days! MOD APK 2.6.1 (Unlimited tickets)

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Name7Days! APK
PublisherBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited tickets
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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7Days! Join the survival storyline, and you will experience the days only related to death. The events will follow you, and the journey of survival in the dark place officially begins. You get caught up in the details thanks to the message lines; through each word, you will also grasp the situation. Players have seven days to enjoy the murky atmosphere with strangers. The adventure will undoubtedly be fascinating because you are the one who writes the story for yourself. Every situation is recorded and illustrated in a full-length novel. After each day of exploring, you get to know the characters better and find allies in the magical space.

7Days mod apk

Download 7Days! mod – Experience 7 days of survival on earth

Mysterious details will dominate in this story. 7Days! always knows how to give suffocating situations that make players have to follow. Although you are the one who decides the plot, you will almost always follow a specific rule. When you are a fan of the novel details, the scary scenarios in the game will delight you. Dark things attract you, even more, bringing you many new surprises. The shivering events and the struggle between the forces that hate each other have created a masterpiece. A genre of storytelling that goes deep into people’s hearts, you must also fall in love. Experience each different storyline, and get an overview to visualize the ending.

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The mystery is always present at 7Days! Its charm cannot be expressed in words. Only through how to read and feel can you see the truth it conveys. You will not miss any crucial details and can even give orders to achieve the goal. You know those who are plotting to kill you through text messages. Photos are included to help you locate where you are or what events are coming up. The entire plot is written by dedicated people who empower you to decide. You stand on your own story and can change specific details to refresh the ending.

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How to play the chat box

7Days! provides information through text messages; players capture everything through it. The characters appear in the chat, adding new members when passing each level. On each day, there will be different events; your task is to update information and find a solution. Every character has a name to identify, through which you will feel who will be good and who will be evil. Everyone has a face, no one is the same, but they are all mysterious. Everyone’s facial expressions tense the atmosphere because there are many threats around you. Players have the right to add friends in the chat box to increase the fun.

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Story options

7Days! will let players unleash their creativity to have many exciting storylines. You decide your destiny; happiness or suffering is your choice. The entire storyline will be perceived differently depending on the player’s personality. There are many ways to interpret and behave for each situation, so the story is diverse; no time is the same. Everything depends on you; becoming an ally or an enemy with the opponent is your choice. Just changing a small detail can change the story in a different direction. Change your destiny in critical situations, do not let deadlock happen to your life.

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Mysterious plot

It would help if you survived with mysterious souls; the ghostly landscape covers this place. Many monster events occur unexpectedly related to the survival that you have to endure. Each person in the chat you contact will take on different tasks, complementing or opposing each other. They can become allies to complete the challenge together and choose the worthy one. Join Kirell – your character, to discover the mysteries hidden in 7Days!. Instant sensations are signs of a new battle, be careful with your life. Seven days will be a long journey for you but well worth the experience.

7Days! associated with mysterious ghost stories, many unique happenings take place. Go through each day to know more facts, and understand yourself and your teammates. Find the best friend to get their information, and consult their handling. You are depending on the circumstances but also rely on it for you to change the plot. Freedom lies in you; not too worried but also need to be carefully considered. Receive missions from messengers, and anticipate possible events to navigate situations. Trust your feelings; your 6th sense can speak. Download 7Days! mod, self-adjusting the plot, writing novels in the ghost land.

Download 7Days! MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) for Android

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