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If you are a lover of the action role-playing game genre, you will not be able to ignore our Action Taimanin game. Action Taimanin recreates brutal, bloody wars between humans and demons. On one side is a violent devil with the ambition to dominate the world. On the one hand, some genuine people use all their strength to protect the peace. The whole world is counting on you – beautiful, brave female warriors. Let’s learn about the experiences that the game brings.

Action Taimanin mod

Download Action Taimanin mod – Defeat the evil devil together

The story of Action Taimanin game begins in the old days when humans and demons lived together peacefully on the earth. But the demons were not pleased with that. But they harbor the ambition to take over the entire world, turning humans into enslaved people for them. That is why they do not stop looting, destroying, and slashing civilians. Unable to withstand the brutality and cruelty of the demons, a group of female ninja warriors was born. This group of warriors named Action Taimanin has a mission to protect world peace.

Action Taimanin mod free

Action Taimanin was born based on the Taimanin Asagi series of games, provided by the game publisher GREMORY GAMES INC. Although a not-so-famous game provider released it, it has brought players many surprises. Set in the game scene in the country of the rising sun, imbued with Japanese cultural identity. Entering the game, we feel like we are in an interesting Japanese anime story.

Action Taimanin mod download

Thrilling action role-playing gameplay

Like so many other action role-playing games, Action Taimanin allows you to transform into one of our three main female ninjas. The flow of the game follows a pre-programmed plot. There will be tasks assigned to the warriors, and they will have to complete them. Players will fight each group of demons, gradually eliminating them from human life. Starting from simple tasks, it will be more difficult with each player level. Completing this mission can continue for the next dramatic journey.

Action Taimanin mod apk

Strong, hot character

The character system of Action Taimanin includes three main characters: Igawa Asagi, Igawa Sakura and Mizuki Yukikaze. Players will be able to choose to play the role of these three main characters. Each character will have their own skills depending on the player’s playstyle to choose. These three main characters are very well trained. Not only do they have outstanding skills, but they are all very beautiful and charming. In addition to the three main female ninjas, Action Taimanin also includes 30 supporting characters. Although these support characters cannot be controlled, they automatically fight by default. All of which help a lot in knocking down opponents.

Action Taimanin mod android

Various and eye-catching costumes

In addition to the beautiful appearance, our female ninjas also have an incredibly diverse, eye-catching, and sexy costume system. Following the storyline, after completing quests and events, one can collect unique and fancy costumes. Costumes include topics such as school uniforms, female nurses’ costumes, lady-style costumes, luxurious ladies. Beautiful costumes help our female ninjas become more attractive and confident to fight. You can customize and change them to get the most outstanding appearance.

Upgrade base equipment

After finishing the battle, our beautiful female warrior Action Taimanin can upgrade her skills and her weapons with the facility function. Here, we can upgrade the base equipment, weapons, upgrade experience training, upgrade skills to a higher level. After leveling up, the power of female ninjas will be increased. From there, it is possible to defeat the cruel demons that are destroying people’s lives. Collect weapons after battles to unleash the hidden power inside each ninja warrior.

All in all, Action Taimanin is a highly engaging action role-playing game. It gives us the feeling of living in Japanese Anime stories. At the same time, let you be a superhero to save humanity from the domination of the devil. What are you waiting for, don’t download Action Taimanin mod right away to save the world.

Download Action Taimanin MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/High DMG) for Android

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please version2.8.43 mod action taimanin

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Update the game you useless piece of trash

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You’re going to wish you were dead in real life because you can’t even update the app into 2.8.44

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