Alien Invasion MOD APK 3.0.60 (Unlimited money/Resources)

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NameAlien Invasion APK
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Do you know when the idle genre was born? It has existed for a long time in the entertainment world. Decades ago, in 2013-2014, idle games reached their peak popularity. At that stage, it seemed that everyone owned at least one RPG game on their computer and immersed themselves all day without getting bored. It seemed that time would make idle games obsolete. But no new RPG products are always well-received by users. Following that success, the manufacturer MULTICAST GAMES released the Alien Invasion game in September 2022 to explore the strange world of aliens in the idle game Alien Invasion.

Alien Invasion mod

Download Alien Invasion mod – Become an alien creature

Alien Invasion is a harmonious combination of different genres, typically role-playing games, and idle games. If you are feeling bored, Alien Invasion will be an effective solution. Through a strange and mysterious alien theme, this game creates excitement for players of all ages. Alien Invasion gives you the feeling of role-playing like a real alien, thereby discovering the process of millions of years of evolution and the disappearance of humanity. No internet is required to connect; Alien Invasion allows users to experience in any public or private space. Furthermore, there is no fee to download, but additional in-app purchases can be made.

Alien Invasion hypothesizes the 2042 invasion by aliens. They attacked humans and swallowed everything in their stomachs. There has never been a hero capable of fighting this animal. It was large and took the form of an eight-legged monster, a giant spider. This particular evolved spider from this universe is named xenomorph. This spider is descended from ancient humans living on other planets. Over millions of years of evolution, xenomorphs have become more brutal than all other species in the universe. With an empty stomach, it always craves to eat anytime, anywhere, not except for humans and other creatures.

Alien Invasion mod apk

Destroy humanity in the universe

Coming to Alien Invasion, players will experience a role quite different from the usual games. You will not become a knight or a hero who saves the world. On the contrary, here, players will play the role of aliens in the form of evil xenomorph spiders. The missions in Alien Invasion that you need to perform towards the destruction of all humanity. Step into this wacky adventure and scour everything around you. Alien Invasion feels like entering dead space. The only thing, Alien Invasion will be a little less scary. You don’t need to run away from anyone. Here, the long tentacles make you the terror of every living thing on earth.

Alien Invasion android

Upgrade your aliens

Your aliens can also be upgraded like any other species. Initially strong, the giant spider at Alien Invasion can even become immortal. The way spiders rank up in Alien Invasion is also extraordinary. You will control it to attack the pitiful creatures in sight. Their DNA will become the power source for xenomorph spiders. Each cell, when added DNA, will be duplicated, tripled, and create the most powerful spider. At that time, the tentacles can mutate into pincers ready to kill the opponent after a few seconds. Gaining power after upgrading, aliens will be bossier because they are not afraid of resistance.

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Create your alien team

What’s scarier for humans is that xenomorph spiders aren’t just one. Through Alien Invasion, you can create your army of aliens. Find other spiders and train them to become super-destructive mutants. You will feel like an invincible alien invasion boss. To do this, absorb intelligence and energies from other creatures on earth. The more the xenomorph spider squad grows, the higher your victory advantage will be. In Alien Invasion, you need to be a little cruel. There is no need to leave any escape route for the enemy to survive. So let’s create hell from the power of the alien army.

Alien Invasion is a video game with a novel, unique, and significant fantasy storyline. Compared to other games, the strange way of casting can make Alien Invasion lose its advantage. However, if you want to experience the villain once, this is not a wrong choice. Download Alien Invasion mod and create an alien invasion.

Download Alien Invasion MOD APK (Unlimited money/Resources) for Android

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