Alien War: The Last Day MOD APK 1.9.4 (Unlimited upgrade points)

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NameAlien War: The Last Day APK
PublisherNaxeex Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrade points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Alien War: The Last Day officially expands the alien war with huge ambitions. They are trying to destroy your world, and you need to stop before encountering bad things. You have to be qualified to master this great war; this is your last chance to save the world. The mission is placed on the shoulders, requiring the elite the use weapons. There will be a loyal dog accompanying you, like an intelligent robot. It accompanies you until you no longer continue to live, always a practical left hand to destroy the enemy. Cherish every opportunity to change the world, and save people’s lives from the ravages of aliens.

Alien War The Last Day apk

Download Alien War: The Last Day mod – Free the planet from war

Aliens have invaded your world, using all their power to destroy. You are the only one who can help humanity, and all are counting on you. Players will have fierce action gameplay and come updevisetive tactics to handle the enemy neatly. The world needs peace, and people cannot lose; find all ways to save their lives. If the city is not liberated in time, it will sink into war and cannot be restored. Spectacular turns will help you have a great experience. As an elite soldier, you will act according to the original strategy. The war will last, there is no sign of cooling down, so you need to speed up.

Alien War The Last Day android

Alien War: The Last Day gives you the power to save the planet from aliens. How much of that expectation will be rewarded here, depending on your level? Join every battle, go into every corner, and don’t miss any place. Explore the world with your dog, opening a bright future for humans. Everything needs to work again, and the war should end sooner rather than later. Fight like the final battle; unleash all the tricks to defeat the opponent. It would help if you had much time to conquer but needed to improve your skills. Choose your strength through each turn to see the enemy’s explosive power.

Alien War The Last Day apk free

Weapon upgrade

Players will enter the shop of Alien War: The Last Day to choose the corresponding weapon. They Will be the optimal guns with huge ammo to conquer the enemy. Protective clothing to avoid dangerous attacks from opponents. Besides, the intelligent dog is a good assistant for you to destroy the aliens quickly. It will also be upgraded in its way, depending on how much money you spend it will increase. Choose for sure guns, wide-angle to shoot down many targets. Continually use special powers with explosive bombs to shine the brightest in battle.

Alien War The Last Day mod apk

Conquer racing cars

Cars will be a means for you to move around the city faster. Many models were launched, and black, blue, white, and yellow colors are present. Players will choose to take one to accompany them throughout the trip, but also change if you want. Using the vehicle warrior to destroy the aliens by crashing into them, causing an accident, is also a way to beat the object quickly. Movement speed must be breakneck and drive accurately so as not to crash or fly into the sea. Change the engine, upgrade it, and turn it into a racing car. With flexibility in vehicle transformation, owning various models will make you look fabulous.

Alien War The Last Day mod

Confrontation with the enemy

You just need to wander in the city a few steps to be able to meet the opponent. The aliens begin to appear and can attack you at any time. You need to defend yourself in any case, and they come to you most suddenly. Before or after you, they all attacked fiercely and also prepared their weapons to be ready to fight. Expanding the tournament to the whole city, every meter of land must also be contested to regain life. Players cannot ignore any objects; they destroy them before moving to another place. The city is large enough for you to conquer, erase aliens from the earth, and succeed.

Alien War: The Last Day fights the last day, bringing life back to humanity. Players must look to a brighter future and discover more exciting things. You may have to meet new enemies at the next level, so always be ready. With the experience of a gunner, you are proficient in every skill. Any delayed improvisation before the enemy always has a very high price for lack of professionalism. Set up cunning tactics, and knock down the opponent in the fastest way. Download Alien War: The Last Day mod, a survival war with aliens.

Download Alien War: The Last Day MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade points) for Android

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