Among Us MOD APK 2023.7.12 (Menu/Unlocked/Auto win/Fast speed)

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NameAmong Us APK
PublisherInnersloth LLC
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked/Auto win/Fast speed
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Among Us is a game for you to role-play the characters looking for bad guys on the ship. The game is attractive and has simple gameplay, easy to control for each character. Players will be astronauts, against those who want to destroy the ship. Brings a ship background with exciting quests. Among Us is a great choice just for you. Quickly find and destroy all opponents. Leaving on the train will no longer be the shadow of the bad guys. They will never give up evil intentions, always looking for ways to attack you. Among Us offers multiple quests to accomplish, starting with a quest and multiple events taking place.

Among Us mod

When will the war on the ship end? That will also depend on the player, how to deal with the enemies. Your life will be taken away by them at any time. Therefore, concentration and quickly finding an opponent are essential. Among Us opens a life on a boat with many ups and downs, a journey of searching with many difficulties. Vandals will always find a way to take you down quickly. Your fate will also depend on your ability and fighting style. The game has a variety of levels, allowing players to become talented astronauts. Continually prevent and ensure safe sailing.

Among Us mod apk

Download Among Us mod – Destroy the bad guys on the ship

Using all your strength and ability is the fastest way to destroy them. By sending the ship out into space before the enemies destroy it. Players will need to focus and have their own tactics to be able to find those bad guys. Collaborate with your teammates to defeat opponents quickly. Action games are always chosen by many players. Among Us is one of those games, offering different fighting styles and challenges. To ensure the lives of himself and his teammates, there is no other way but to fight. Eliminate imposters with bad intentions, kill all enemies. Let’s start with the arduous battle and quickly bring the highest results. Cause the enemies will have to cancel the plans on the ship.

Among Us mod free

Action from the enemy

They will find a way to destroy the ship in the fastest time. Internal division on board for the easier attack. Killing people, using many cruel methods to harm the astronauts. Aggression, brutality from impostors will always do whatever it takes to fight back against players. There are up to 3 bad guys performing that mission on the train. With strength and many plots, the enemy will also cause many difficulties for players. Confront and must quickly find all opponents. Their evil goal is to kill all the astronauts and own the ship. When the number of members on the ship was large, it was not easy to find them. The speed, direction, and actions they cause always have great consequences.

Among Us mod android

Astronaut’s mission

Ensure the safety and life of yourself and your teammates. Build the ship firmly and prevent the vandalism of impostors in time. Continually coordinate and discuss to come up with the most effective and unique fighting styles. Clues from the bad guys are not easy to find immediately. Therefore, the mission of the astronaut needs to observe and act quickly when a murder occurs. At that time, the identity of the bad guy will be revealed, starting with a fierce attack. Perform actions such as repairing the system, searching for clues appearing in the ship. Launch the ship into space as soon as possible and leave the enemy unstoppable. Each game level will bring different tasks to complete. Develop strategies to confront all enemies, defeating the entire dangerous force.

Among Us mod download

Character system

It consists of two factions, astronauts and impostors. Players will be arbitrarily selected to role-play. Includes 4 – 15 people playing around. To get the victory, effort and smart play will be the decisive factor. Regardless of the faction, players also need to perform their own tasks well. The impostor will move into the crew at the ship, kill and destroy the ship. Those killed by them will turn into ghosts and have the ability to pass through walls. As for the astronauts, they constantly combine with teammates and provide fuel for the ship. Make sure the electrical circuits are stable. Each character will do different jobs and have different powers. Choose the team to play and start with the battle with many surprises happening. Download Among Us mod to destroy impostors and preserve lives.

Download Among Us MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked/Auto win/Fast speed) for Android

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