Angry Birds Journey MOD APK 3.8.0 (Unlimited lives)

Updated 4 weeks ago
NameAngry Birds Journey APK
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited lives
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Angry Birds Journey continues to be a game for you to adventure with funny birds. The gameplay creates a high level of entertainment that has made this game a success. Join the missions with the birds, achieve high scores. The break from the image to the game mode does not make players bored. Lets you get to know more about each character, starting to come up with exciting levels of play. Accompany the journey of Angry Birds, going through all the difficult challenges.

Angry Birds Journey mod

Download Angry Birds Journey mod – Challenging adventures of birds

The game has blown a new wind for gamers who love Angry Birds. After only a short launch time, the game has reached a large number of players to download. Break the goals with the bird, get good results at each level. Rescue the Hatchlings from the dangerous place. Try to conquer every game level and get the rewards you deserve. Relieve stress through each level, get more new experiences through slingshot shooting. Takedown every opponent in front, fight the formidable green pigs.

Angry Birds Journey mod free

There are quite a few changes in the game for players to exploit. The appearance of birds to their strength is also completely different. You will have the task of controlling them to fight against the hateful pigs. At the same time, find a way to help Hatchlings escape in the fastest time. With the combination of shooting gameplay and match-3 puzzles, it also promises to create many new breakthroughs. Activate the power of Angry Birds’ ability and step into each level to participate in the challenge. Collaborate with teammates to complete the task in the best way.

Angry Birds Journey mod download

Discover the power of birds

Players will meet many cute birds, capable of fighting. Each character will have its own ability that you need to discover. Chuck is a bird that can create consequential damage when going through every project, attacking opponents. Bomb will create large explosions, causing destruction around its range. As for Silver, with the ability to fly through many buildings below and beat every opponent it encounters. Red will destroy the enemy’s fortress, aiming at all targets. Each bird will coordinate with the other, showing its strength through each attack. Prevent all evil actions of the enemy, bring about a glorious victory.

Angry Birds Journey mod apk

Hatchlings bird rescue

A herd of feral pigs is confining small birds in an iron cage. Some are frozen and can’t move. They will need your help to get out of that dangerous place. The work of helping the birds escape is extremely difficult. Get to the locations where Hatchlings are locked, and rescue them quickly. Overcome each obstacle, bring light to make the ice melt. You will also have to confront the evil pigs, attacking all of them. Complete each set of goals, bring safety to the cute birds.

Angry Birds Journey mod android

Destroy the villain

The villain in Angry Birds Journey is the ferocious pigs. They will appear with innocent, pretty cute looks. However, contrary to their appearance, they are very naughty on the inside. That’s why you need to focus your attention and attack them continuously. Do not let them have the opportunity to counterattack, gradually destroying the entire evil pig force. Work closely with each bird, use the gun to aim at every object. Each level will bring its own challenge, the number of pigs will be more and more crowded. Make every opponent lose, no longer have a chance to counterattack.

A light entertainment game, bringing a lot of fun to play. Pictures of cute birds, the attractive game mode will not let you down. Facing challenges and a series of ferocious pigs. Experience the new style of slingshot shooting, conquer all levels of play. Immerse yourself in the Angry Birds, discover their power through each attack. Download Angry Birds Journey mod adventure to many locations and attack every enemy.

Download Angry Birds Journey MOD APK (Unlimited lives) for Android

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