Animal Craft MOD APK 1.0.31 (Unlimited money, Crystal)

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NameAnimal Craft APK
PublisherSuper Awesome Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Crystal
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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The exciting thing about a zoo-themed game is that you can create the creatures yourself. That is what Animal Craft has done and brought to players to experience. You play the role of a ruler of nature. A place where any animal can live. It doesn’t stop there when you know how you will get them. Look no further than self-assemble and create animals from lots of squares. Like a children’s jigsaw puzzle but extensively upgraded. Players will use square blocks to arrange them according to a specific rule. When completed, you will own any animal.

Animal Craft mod

Download Animal Craft mod – Manage and create your nature

The mechanism to help players create real animals is quite simple. Players will tap the screen repeatedly to make the squares fall. They will automatically fall according to a specific rule. Until you gradually realize the shape of an animal is almost completed. Press and hold to let the blocks fall faster. Finish the jigsaw puzzle, and you’ll see the animal’s proper form. The 3D environment of the game makes the animals even more vivid. They move like they’re alive, and it’s your responsibility to bring them into your habitat. There are many types of environments and animals that can live in them.

You won’t know what animal you are about to create. Any unfinished square building is random. Only when they are almost finished can we guess by their shape. Instead, create curiosity and excitement by discovering what kind of animal you’re working on. Animal Craft synthesizes almost all the common species found on earth. Players will easily recognize these animals if they have seen them once. The next step is to introduce them to their respective habitats. All will live and move like a real natural scene. You should go to this place to relax and observe continuous development.

Animal Craft mod apk

Species diversity

Whether animals on land, underwater or flying in the sky will appear in Animal Craft, there is no reason to ignore the many common animals in everyday life. There are species you will meet at zoos. Some species live in the wild and are protected by humans. Tigers and lions live peacefully with giraffes, foxes, bears, deer… In the sky, eagles, hawks, and sparrows fly peacefully. Even dinosaurs, long-extinct creatures, appear in this game. Raise the bar on animal diversity with no time limit. This scene will only appear in Animal Craft.

Animal Craft mod apk free

Continuous development environment

There are two main types of environments for players to bring animals to live in. You can immediately tell whether the area is on land or underwater. The terrestrial environment is designed like a rainforest. There are all kinds of plants that grow naturally green. The flowing rivers combine with many mountains to give a feeling of grandeur. All terrestrial animals can survive in this place. The ground represents the place where people and animals live the most. In contrast, it is the seabed where fish, octopus, and plankton exist. The more animals live, the more the environment in the game will be expanded.

Animal Craft mod free

Speeding up animal crafting

Creating an animal species will be time-consuming based on its size. For example, birds and small animals will be completed relatively quickly. However, there are many species, such as whales or elephants; giraffes will take a long time. So the function of acceleration and player support was introduced. This function gives you the ability to stack blocks at a faster speed. Or unlock the automatic mode to let the blocks fall without touching. Increase the amount of gold you get per tap to unlock new animals faster. There are a lot of minor upgrades that will save you a lot of time. Creating nature and seeing its beauty will not be difficult anymore.

Create your nature through your impressive designs. Give life to many animals by building blocks. You need to tap the screen repeatedly in Animal Craft. No need to do any other complicated operations. Nature will be developed, and we will admire the diversity of animals on earth. Download Animal Craft mod to relax in the beauty of nature and perfect creatures.

Download Animal Craft MOD APK (Unlimited money, Crystal) for Android

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