Antarctica 88 MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlocked, God mode)

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NameAntarctica 88 APK
PublisherEuphoria Horror Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked, God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Antarctica 88, where the battle between you and the monsters takes place. You have been frozen in Antarctica and have to face a series of dangerous monsters. The horror is clearly shown in the game, letting you feel the scary atmosphere here. Players will have to fight back against a series of formidable enemies. This can be seen as a horror story, for those who are strong. Engage in fighting monsters, fulfill your goals. Quickly get yourself out of here. Ensure safety, destroy all monsters. Antarctica 88 has allowed players to enter a bizarre setting with a series of challenges.

Antarctica 88 mod

Download Antarctica 88 mod – Scary adventure journey

Shows the setting in Antarctica and an expedition. They go to explore and learn new things here. The initial trip went relatively smoothly, without any problems. Along the way, they discovered many rare minerals. However, soon after, they lost contact. The trace information seems to have been lost, you will be a participant in the hunt. Head to the Antarctic region and perform your mission. A new journey continues to come, players will have to find the expedition and return safely with them. Find out everything that happened here, destroy the evil enemies.

Antarctica 88 mod apk

If you are someone who likes to see horror things, Antarctica 88 is a suggestion. The game recreates everything that happens, a scary sci-fi story. Those monsters won’t leave you peaceful. Trapped here, facing a variety of weapons, dangerous. Life is always in danger, the risk of death can happen at any time. The sci-fi plot has always been an inspiration for game publishers. It offers a multitude of quests for players to perform. Coming to Antarctica 88, you will find an expedition to explore Antarctica. The disappearance of teammates is still a question that you will have to find the answer to. A dangerous quest that the player will have to face.

Antarctica 88 mod free

Survive before the monster’s attack

Antarctica – where the climate is harsh and cold. Players will have to adapt to the weather here, find food to meet their eating needs. Gain more power to fight bloodthirsty monsters. Their ferocity, as well as their shape, will make you terrified. To survive, look for more items, medical tools… Prepare carefully before facing cruel monsters. Guns and ammunition will also be provided. You will need to attack to try to get out of this dark place. You can’t let yourself be the prey of those hateful monsters. Determined to fight to be able to return home safely.

Antarctica 88 mod android

Challenging adventure

Antarctica 88 always has many challenges for players to conquer. Initially, the player will go through treacherous caves. It is presented as a maze with many nooks and crannies. Escape from here is not easy. Challenges always appear, and you must quickly find a way out. Monsters are always on the loose, in every area. They will be a force in the way, bringing many difficulties. Your life will also depend on your strength, how to attack before monsters. Rescue your teammates, you will have to go through countless hardships. Overcome all, counterattack all forces to be able to resist the evil forces. A journey in Antarctica will bring a multitude of scary but also exciting experiences. Action-adventure against a series of monsters, assert your bravery.

Antarctica 88 mod download

Many interesting endings

Every incident is like a story. You will be the main character, performing the set tasks. Every action you take will bring about different endings. Players will have to stand in the middle of many choices. All for the sake of rescuing the expedition. The atmosphere has brought fear, you will also have to find the answers to the puzzles. Coming to a world with so many difficulties, death can arrive at any time. The player will decide his life, finding a way out of the land full of traps. Get a happy ending, and get your comrades out safely. Download Antarctica 88 mod Antarctica adventure, fight all monsters.

Download Antarctica 88 MOD APK (Unlocked, God mode) for Android

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