Archiland MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameArchiland APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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.Archiland conducts exciting explorations, the player moves through the paths of the dungeon. The destination you go to has not yet determined the end, all challenges are still ahead. Accompany the little guy to overcome the most challenging roads. Enemies appear everywhere, walk a few steps, and you can catch them. They have large bodies, and animals like leopards and demon faces appear. In this challenge, observation is the most important because your every move is full of pitfalls. Players are self-reliant, travelling long distances or not, all thanks to the player’s control talent.

Archiland apk

Download Archiland mod – Exploration

Players carry in themselves a critical mission, which is to protect the character’s life to the end. This expedition has many risks, but you cannot avoid them easily. The discoveries all depend on the journey you go through. The terrain is up and down erratically; you must touch the screen to control the character lightly. To discover the story behind this arduous journey, you need precise controls. The features of moving or using weapons are integrated right on the screen. It is nested in a translucent circular frame on the right, observing and getting the correct item you need.

Archiland gives you three lives corresponding to 3 hearts in the left corner. The player who has used up that turn but has not completed the challenge is considered to have lost. You will start the expedition again with a new number of hearts. Adventure all the way, face challenges but be ready to win them. Players taking advantage of the terrain to avoid trouble is a good idea. Going through many paths can reach the finish line, but you must also find a quick exit. The chase between you and the enemy is always lurking, be careful what is happening. Observe the overview and then move, and be cautious in each decision.


Level up challenge

Archiland has quickly created 15 levels for players to take revenge and experience. The ranks are easy and complex; you need to be mentally prepared. Facing more difficult turns means more enemies but more points or bonuses. Every part of the game has its price; you endure a lot of bitterness and will receive sweet results. Continuous character development, level up to try yourself. Experience in the new environment still makes players feel more excited than before. Make good use of all skills to overcome the primary barriers, and set up strategies for the worst-case scenario.

Diverse terrain

Your moving path also has specific changes; you often move up or down. Usually, it will be long distances without pitfalls, followed by intermittent stairs that cause difficulties. Each time you touch the screen, you can jump high. You use this feature to jump over the steps and drop yourself down the cliff, but there is a stop. Every feeling when participating in an expedition changes so quickly that you can’t keep up. Wherever you go, opponents are waiting for you; if you are not careful, you will also be invaded. Kill the demons before you fall into their trap in this dungeon.

Archiland mod

Coin collection

In moving, you need to collect the coins on the road. These coins help you improve your ability and level and even increase weapons. You go to the places where the coins are, collect them and watch the rise in the amount. The more you accumulate, the more opportunities you open. Levels, cash, and skills increase, and you will become more proficient in this adventure. The coins are on a high; sometimes, in the deep, they will slip and fall if not careful. Don’t be too greedy to get a bitter ending. Skills are improved, your movement is smoother, and it is convenient to defeat enemies and collect a lot of money.

Archiland offers your detective journey, self-discovery and waiting for the unexpected. You can climb to the top or downhill without braking if you don’t upgrade your skills. Breakthroughs in the way to move to create highlights and destroy traps are better. Note the terrain you go through; they change abnormally, so touching the wrong screen can take a heart. You can’t waste the plays the challenge offers. If you cherish them, you can go far and discover many things. Just go to enjoy the adventure and experience a lot of new things. Download Archiland mod, accompany the excellent detective to the destination safely on all fronts.

Download Archiland MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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