Armored Squad MOD APK 3.0.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameArmored Squad APK
PublisherFoxForce Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Do the fights between human characters no longer appeal to you enough? Are you looking for new and different style matches? FoxForce Games will satisfy you with a game called Armored Squad mod. Still exploiting the familiar battle theme, you’ve ever seen. But with this game, players will interact with a unique character system. Those are fearless and equally flexible robot warriors. The battles they create are as thrilling and dramatic as the heroes you’ve ever known. Not just in movies. Now heroic robots have appeared in this Armored Squad video game itself.

Armored Squad mod

Download Armored Squad mod – Thrilling team shooting game

Armored Squad is built in the style of team fighting. Players will have certain robot warriors. Your task is to control the character to participate in the matches most effectively. Armored Squad gunfights have always had a unique charm. Besides the familiar elements, the presence of some sci-fi features increases the attraction. Character control buttons are displayed explicitly on the interface of the game screen. Although a team game, Armored Squad still allows the player to choose to fight alone. Each type of fighting brings its nuances and emotions. The scoring of each category is based on the number of members of your team that have been killed.

Armored Squad mod apk

With Armored Squad, character skill and strategy are the two key victory factors. When the player possesses the advantage of these two factors, you will create a high damage ability for your character. If you are playing in combat mode with teammates, there needs to be more coordination of actions between members. Armored Squad changed the inherent thinking about this game genre. A new fighting game has created attractive playgrounds for gamers. The robot characters seem dry and mechanical, but when they fight, they are entirely different.

Armored Squad mod android

Wide selection of weapons and equipment

The variety of weapons is always the advantage of robot warriors. Not only has a wide selection of guns, but other equipment is also very effective. Those are all weapons that can create severe damage to the opponent. Swords, swords, and lasers can all be effective equipment for the character. In addition, there are other types of jets, auxiliary, and shields. The presence of this system makes Armored Squad come to life. Challenge modes such as Capture The Flag, Control Points, Bomb Delivery… will not be complex for you anymore. Especially when the player knows how to use a combination of many weapons simultaneously.

Armored Squad mod download

Power upgrade system

Upgrading the power will help the character increase the ability to fight. It’s an inevitable requirement that any fighting action game needs to have. In Armored Squad, the ability to upgrade comes from weapons and skills. Possessing a variety of weapons in hand is also a very effective way. In addition, regular practice will help skilled warriors improve. Collecting destroyed robots and assembling new mechas is also very interesting. You will have new warriors added to the squad.

Armored Squad free

60 challenging levels

More than 60 levels in Armored Squad are always fun challenges. The way to conquer them is not simple and easy. Those are the battlefields of sweat and energy. Sometimes even the life of each warrior. By experiencing these fierce battles, you will achieve specific achievements. It will confirm the ability to lead and control the warrior of each game. Download Armored Squad mod to participate in the battles of robot warriors and experience the breathtaking thrill.

Download Armored Squad MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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