Army Commander MOD APK 3.4.0 (Menu, God mode/Tags increases)

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NameArmy Commander APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Tags increases
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Army Commander is the game that gives the mission of commanding the combat army. Conquer enemy lands by attacking them. Players will be holding the position of commander, leading the army to battle. Go to fight with your determination and bravery to defeat your opponent. The only goal is to occupy the enemy’s territory master the land they hold. Draw a smart battle line to accompany the soldiers in every battle. Promote the ability to give appropriate tactics for each match directly.

Army Commander mod

Download Army Commander mod – Conquer the enemy’s land

The game takes you to a fierce battle, where many enemies appear. As an army leader, you will have the power to decide everything. Army Commander will let you fight, arrange positions and assign tasks to the army. The result will also depend on how you perform in each stage. Move to every area, encountering formidable opponents. Find out the typical characteristics of the opponent winning the dramatic skirmishes. Take on your role well, capture the flag that the opponent owns.

Army Commander mod free

The challenges in Army Commander are not easy. Just make a mistake, and you will lose your own life. That is why it is necessary to focus on combat, preventing all actions from the enemy. Build a strong squad of soldiers, dare to face danger. Operate widely in the battle area, quickly defeating each enemy. Obstruct the enemy’s every step, not giving them a chance to counterattack. Ready for the set goals, making the enemy will be in awe. Fight to protect the nation’s safety, test your strength through each intense battle.

Army Commander mod download

Collect card units

The goal of each player’s battle is to get the flag from the opponent’s hand. The more cards you get, the more you will have the opportunity to own more warriors, creating a powerful fighting team. Unlock more battle stations deal with the dangers created by the enemy. Recruit talented warriors, declare war, and collect many card units. This journey will require good fighting strength courage to achieve the goal. Go to all areas where enemies appear, creating the most impressive attack combos. Quickly capture the enemy’s flag move on to the battle ahead. Combining attack and defense closely, command the army to fight with unity.

Army Commander mod apk

Combat vehicle

Battles are held with tension, always bringing many dangers. Taking advantage of vehicles during combat is also a way to gain an advantage. Attack opponents with bazookas, tanks, even planes. Players can use and destroy them in many battles. Each vehicle will give you its own strengths easily overcome challenges. Depending on the situation of the ongoing struggle, choose a reasonable means of combat, going a long way ahead, showing the bravery of a talented commander-in-chief.

Army Commander mod android

Raise your hierarchy

The battle screen will be both a challenge and an opportunity for you to show your ability. Winning each match will help raise the ranking. Sergeant, lieutenant, captain are the highest ranks in the command. Those are all positions that players want to hold. To achieve that, the only way is for her to fight. Taking advantage of the team’s strengths hits the enemy’s weak points. Combine with allies to block fierce attacks from enemies, end the day with victory in your hands. Enjoy the fun of leveling up, causing all enemies to suffer a tragic end.

Test your strategic skills in each intense battle. Army Commander will open countless battles for players to fight. Lead troops equip them with experience in combat. Preserving forces, ready for the battle ahead. Download Army Commander mod to become the commander-in-chief to command the army on the front.

Download Army Commander MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Tags increases) for Android

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