Arrow Go MOD APK 1.60 (Unlimited money, purchase)

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NameArrow Go APK
PublisherAgency Global .LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, purchase
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Arrow Go controls stickmen to engage in intense archery combat. One fine day, you and your lover were holding hands happily enjoying this atmosphere, and suddenly a group of evil stickmen came. They conspire to destroy your love and want to destroy the other half. Because it was so unexpected, your lover was gone forever when they finished acting. Angry and indignant about this incident, players were determined to stand up and seek justice. You chase the evil stick people to take revenge, punish them a lesson. The war officially begins; who will regain their position in the arena? Let’s wait and see!

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Download Arrow Go mod – Become the ultimate stickman archer

With a small, thin body, you do not feel weak. Your opponents are also stuck people, but they are eviler than you think. Because the feud destroys your mate, you are determined to destroy their forces by all means. The first round is to deal with supporters who have the same ability as you, followed by a terrible boss. The times when the confrontations proved your ability took a lot of work. Aligning the right angle and creating something special after each match is a complex process. Time is not much, and you have to handle it neatly and quickly. So waiting for the opponent’s surprises will be an explosive battle.

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Arrow Go acts with bows and arrows, and you will become classy if you have the appearance of a hero. When performing archery, you must steady your hands based on high physical intensity. Bring the bow up and down depending on the opponent’s angle. All combat will occur in the sky, and each player has a launcher to stand on. Kill other archers quickly to end the suffering they cause you. Continuously discharge bullets not to let them escape; just a few shots can bring down the prison. The important thing is that at speed, you do it in time, not to be counterattacked by them. Prove you will be the future champion.

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Stickman character selection

Arrow Go offers many options for stick people, ordinary or authentic warriors. After the character upgrade process, you will change the appearance of the surface so as not to be inferior to the boss. Your opponent can be a stickman holding a shield or a stickman carrying a bomb; they all have top-notch weapons to fight. You are also working hard to achieve the perfect look commensurate with your talents. The hero list with many unique skills and class performances will be a great choice. Depending on the character, there will be different ways of fighting based on their ability to promote. Possess great warriors for fiery battles.

Arrow Go mod apk

Weapon improvement

Weapons are the means for you to accomplish your goals quickly. At first, they were just ordinary bows and arrows, then developed into giant bows and arrows. You will be overwhelmed with its destructiveness, reflected in the number of bullets fired. The higher the level, the more hands thrown out must increase. You will need many arrows to improve your shooting power when fighting enemies. Shooting skills also need to be upgraded regularly so as not to lose. The rate of fire is increasingly demanding; withstand the pressure you will win. Choose the ultimate weapon, know how to use and coordinate you will become a skilled warrior.

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A fierce battle with the boss

Bosses with extraordinary combat power always bring tension to you. But that is understandable because they have great power; if they do not have enough equipment, it is difficult to win. After quelling the black stickmen carrying bombs, you begin to fight the boss. The bosses are always ready for these fierce battles and want to win people like you. Players can have to fight with many different genres and experience multiple streams of power. Those epic battles will require a lot of arrows to be fired. You need to continuously discharge bullets without a moment of rest so that the boss does not have a chance to counterattack.

Arrow Go opens up the playground for those who are passionate about archery. It will be a dramatic moment with many sharp tactics, and you will always be prepared. Proficient in marksmanship, using quick shots so as not to waste. Align the shooting angle properly; if you don’t hit the opponent, you are looking for death yourself. Easy control, the character stands on the platform; you just need to adjust the archery angle. Decisively in the discharge of bullets, do not be afraid of the opponent, not sure to be countered by them. Download Arrow Go mod and become the king of the top archers.

Download Arrow Go MOD APK (Unlimited money, purchase) for Android

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