Arrow War MOD APK 2.6 (Menu/God mode)

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NameArrow War APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Defend the stronghold from waves of monsters with the power of bows in Arrow War. A whole process of upgrading, arraying, and defense takes place in this game. Your task is to protect the base from the army of monsters rushing in. The army is not strong enough to fight directly. Instead, they will use bows as their primary weapon of defense. Shoots mighty arrows filled with mysterious magic and energy. Repel all waves of monsters to complete quests. Continue to upgrade for an even more vigorous bow defense. Reflexes are not essential in this game, and it’s your strategy.

Arrow War mod

Download Arrow War mod – Defend with powerful archers

You currently rule the vast lands in Arrow War – the king as well as the commander of the army. So, having to clash with forces that want to invade their territory is almost daily. They are not just a single force. It is also a combination of many dangerous races. You must know the strength and power they will use at a certain level. From there, build a strong defense of archers to prevent them from reaching the base. There are up to 5 ranks for you to put the archers in to fight. Do not underestimate the power of archers with many new types of magic.

Enemy troops will appear from the right side of the screen and continuously move towards your base located on the left. You must use your force and place it in defensive positions before starting the level. They will automatically attack monsters at a certain speed. The longer we play, the more we can upgrade to strengthen the archers. In addition, adding a front defense to hold out for a long time. Your faction will have a health bar that shows the base’s resistance. If it drops to 0, you let monsters invade your base and failedfailck new arrows

The power that comes from the arrow is the key to commanding your defense. In the first stage, archers only use regular arrows to fight. But the arrow will have more new effects and increased power through many upgrade stages. There are more than 99 different types of arrows in Arrow War for you to apply on the battlefield. From poison arrows, fire arrows that burn targets, and freezing arrows, to epic summoning magic arrows. Once you have many arrows, the battlefield will be a real killing party. It depends on the ability to choose the right hand to counter your monster.

Arrow War mod apk free

The Legion of Dangerous Monsters

Confront the plot to invade your base. The legion of monsters is a dangerous force that must be deeply concerned. Their origins are inexplicable and have nothing in common because there are levels where you will confront monsters with deformed shapes. Sometimes mechanical creatures with dangerous modern weapons. Or even legions of monsters capable of using magic. Each monster has its way of countering through arrows. At decisive levels, legions of demons are led by bosses. It is the level that determines the strength between you and the enemy.

Arrow War mod free

Strangely solid defense

If only archers were fighting, it would still be tricky and risky because they have nothing to defend themselves with. Instead, the defense force will be separated. Arrow War allows the player to bring into battle up to 5 defenses. Those were suicide bombers that would explode when monsters approached them. A deformed monster with a huge mouth that swallows all enemies. Or the army of the undead can stop a significant enemy attack. Not only creatures but weapons such as missiles or poison packs are also used for excellent defense and are highly effective.

Arrow War free

Combine everything you have to create an unbeatable defense. Stop every wave of monsters coming to your essential base. Simple, humorous graphics will make you focus on tactics and defense more. Download Arrow War mod for ultimate defensive tactical displays. Don’t give enemies any chance to approach the line at all times.

Download Arrow War MOD APK (Menu/God mode) for Android

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