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Survival games are increasingly popular and have a strong foothold. Each game has its charm. mod, too, knows how to find the style that differentiates it from other games. Bringing new survival gameplay but no less dramatic and tense. You will be brave warriors who do not hesitate to take risks. Fight with different opponents to regain your life. A classic game has been born for a long time but has won the trust of the gaming community. will surely satisfy you. Especially if you are a follower of the survival game series. mod android

Download mod – Super ax throwers

Unlike the survival games you’ve played before, brings you back to ancient memories. Not bloody battles with scary monsters. Nor the wild gunfights. What players experience in is ax battles with dizzying rhythms. You will play the main character who fights to save his precious life. The opponents that players face are no less competitive. They are also fighting for themselves. The battles for survival have never been gentler. Tension and suspense are something that any gamer will feel. mod apk

In, each round lasts for a short time. An average of about two minutes is the end of a match. However, what players have to go through is the complete opposite. You have almost no time to calculate and decide the motion. All must be very focused and react quickly. Even if you have accurate shots, it doesn’t mean you can stop watching. Constantly fighting and throwing axes at the opponent. Always keep your goals in mind. requires skill from every gamer. The more you play, the more you will be attracted to these fierce battles. That is also what the game company expects when it hits the market. mod

Power from dozens of weapons

The primary weapon is the guardian deity and a companion in the arena. The guns used in are not modern. They are just simple tools embedded in the lives of ordinary people. However, when playing the role of firearms, they are mighty and can create significant damage. With just one hit of the ax, the opponent can be killed instantly. In addition to the ax’s primary weapon, there are also many other weapons. Knives and darts are also very effective in knocking down opponents. The faster you achieve and level up, the more opportunities to unlock and experience new weapons. mod free

Experience new characters

It must be said that, the character system in, is not monotonous at all. The game offers a robust cast of characters. Each character is a link that makes the game more interesting. Not only shaping, but they also have differences in skills and strength. Strong opponents will be a tough challenge as players progress to high levels. More than twenty characters in will bring a lot of colors and offer eye-catching battles. mod download

Explore exciting game modes and maps includes both online and offline game modes. Provided for free, players can enjoy the game whenever they want. Besides, also adds a competitive PVP mode. It is a playground for gamers to compete and confirm the ranking of the leader. The variety and flexibility of in-game methods are always appreciated by gamers. Download to participate in intense and bloody ax battles to protect your own life.

Download MOD APK (Free Shopping) for Android

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