Bad 2 Bad: Extinction MOD APK 3.0.6 (Unlimited money, ammo)

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NameBad 2 Bad: Extinction APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, ammo
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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After the resounding success of Bad 2 Bad: Delta, Bad 2 Bad: Extinction continues to be introduced to players by the manufacturer. With many stories with unique and rich content, the sequel promises to satisfy you. There are two main stories told through Bad 2 Bad: Extinction. First, developments after Gorat al-Llama’s victory over Al-Qatala – a somewhat notorious terrorist organization. Second, the events that happened after meeting humanity. Because of that exciting sequel, countless gamers embraced this game. In particular, Bad 2 Bad: Extinction supports Vietnamese. This is a massive plus because the language will not be able to prevent you from conquering the wars in this game.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction mod

Download Bad 2 Bad: Extinction mod – Fight for survival in the open world

Unlike Bad 2 Bad: Delta, the world in Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is much more expanded. This comes with the fact that you face more dangers and challenges that are not easy. Accordingly, five rebels will participate as the enemy that Delta B2B has to face. Those are zombies (WD), Purebloods (PB), Underdogs (UD), Amazone (AZ), and Tailless Legion (TL). They possess many distinct characteristics and stories that hide secrets. Observe, and look for all information and features of the opponent. When intense confrontations occur, understanding your opponent is essential for finding victory.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction apk

In the face of the threat of 5 enemy teams, you need to keep yourself on the highest alert of the commander. Opponents can hide from doors, corridors, or large rocks in every corner. If during the battle you come across panicked civilians, protect them. That is the warrior’s mission. Moreover, the people are innocent. They don’t deserve to die unjustly like that. Adding to the challenges, the battle map is generated entirely randomly. So, you need to adapt, whether in a city, an abandoned house, or the deserted countryside. Before each battle, make a quick guess about where the enemy might be hiding. This will help you avoid being stolen.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction mod apk

Character customization

In Bad 2 Bad: Extinction, there are up to 20 hero characters that you can use for your squad. In particular, they are not in human form. Those are pretty blood-loving species in animals such as pandas, falcons, one-horned rhinoceroses, tigers, crocodiles, wild buffalos, etc. Even though they are animals, they are still capable of being no different from human warriors. . From moving, acting, and fighting, the animals all do very well. God has placed the mission of saving the world on these animals’ shoulders. As the commander of this particular squad, you help them become more attractive and lively through several changes. Many items and tools will be released when completing a war or bonus side quests.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction apk free

Equip your force

They all have pretty strong combat properties, whether zombies, Purebloods, Underdogs, Amazones, or Tailless Legion. Delta B2B team certainly cannot fight empty-handed. Up to 60 types of weapons and armor are included in the material. However, the primary tool in Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is the gun. There are countless firearms suitable for different kinds of attacks, battles, and opponents. So, before going to war, consider making the right choice. You are also entitled to use drones. Although it does not carry any unique attack ability, it is still considered a warrior. In addition, fire attacks are effective if you want to get out of a crisis that you find difficult to control.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction apk android

Improve every skill

In Bad 2 Bad: Extinction, as with many popular fighting games, the use of weapons is significant. How to make full use of its features? You need to master the essential skills when using it. For example, warriors need to learn to aim accurately with the variety of long pistols in Bad 2 Bad: Extinction. Don’t let the ammunition fly into the air without killing the opponent. Besides, other skills such as using grenades, acrobatics, moving, and hiding… also need to be carefully honed. When skills reach proficiency, many benefits in attack ability and accuracy level… will multiply accordingly.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction, the game with role-playing and action, will give you many experiences far different from fighting games ever. Right from having the Vietnamese language has made it easier for players to control the game. Discover the stories when the Delta B2B legion confronts five dark forces that will make the game more unique and attractive. Will you come to command this army of heroes? Download Bad 2 Bad: Extinction mod now and help Delta B2 win on all maps.

Download Bad 2 Bad: Extinction MOD APK (Unlimited money, ammo) for Android

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