Bad Women Wrestling Game MOD APK 1.4.9 (Unlimited money)

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NameBad Women Wrestling Game APK
PublisherFighting Sports
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Bad Women Wrestling Game opens the wrestling fight for women, advancing to great power energies. This is a new playground for girls who like to experience expanding many new things. Explosive action sequences happen, you are the one to do it. The hot-looking gladiator girls attracted many eyes, and the fans cheered when they appeared. Go for excellent performances, clear defense, and attack. Great combos will take you to great prizes and spectacular makeovers. Women but not weak, you can conquer.

Bad Women Wrestling Game android

Download Bad Women Wrestling Game mod – Become an invisible female wrestler

Bad Women Wrestling Game has its own story at each level, you will see it after each journey. Fighting bodybuilders require particular expertise combined with powers only found in the game. Earn points for each section to expand your chances of upgrading yourself. Accelerate the speed to counter the attacks from the opponent promptly. You must regularly upgrade yourself from appearance to the ability to achieve the most remarkable achievement. A female wrestler needs to be in shape, everything related to strength is needed. Opportunities will not come twice, so proactively seize a particular moment, and you will win spectacularly.

Bad Women Wrestling Game apk

To get the highest rank, you have to trade many things, your existence in the arena is a miracle. Maintaining life and pushing the game to the top is what you need to do. Each level will have corresponding bonus points, it will be worth what you did. The gift is always prepared every day, when you receive it, you have the opportunity to open a new character line. Feel the story they bring while possessing great power. New fighting style, clear strategy, and many other top skills. All those things can be exploited on the journey to conquer the crown for female wrestlers.

Bad Women Wrestling Game mod apk

Flexible game modes

Bad Women Wrestling Game creates three consecutive rounds: Rockstar, royal mode, and knockout. Each round will correspond to a different challenge, you can choose the match type for each. The most interesting is the live round, every most challenging moment happens. But to be in that round, you also plow day and night to eliminate other opponents. Energy after each battle gradually disappears, you need to regenerate to recharge. Enter the final round in the same sequence to reach the final goal. The champion needs people full of talent and beauty, everything needs to be combined smoothly.

Bad Women Wrestling Game mod

Character customization

These boxing girls all have a particular energy source, they are called bad girls. Costumes and items will be divided into three categories: amateur, professional and legendary. Each of these levels will prove who you are and your position in the battle. Each look gives you a new level, the spectacular makeover is what you aim for. Many styles are defined but primarily bold. Short items will help female wrestlers look neater, especially attractive. They will also show different facial expressions each time they are attacked. Pain or a defiant expression in front of the other person is genuine.

Bad Women Wrestling Game apk free

The real story after the fight

With every girl you own, there is a story attached to it. Revenge is also the cause of these fierce races. These wrestling stars have hidden emotions behind their backs that have yet to be revealed. Hatred also increases your rage toward your opponent, which is not easy to ignore. Clashes are on the stage and behind the scenes when everything is over. Such great hatred cannot be reconciled, try to fight to make the opponent respect you. Stand up and don’t be weak in front of them, otherwise, you won’t be able to win. Personal clashes will go on forever, don’t give up.

Bad Women Wrestling Game finds out the owner of the title of the most muscular female wrestler. Organize tournaments professionally, eliminating each stage, so you also have time to improve your strength. Speed ​​and accuracy will bring many high efficiencies in the attack. Successful revenge in each tournament, you can’t find new light if you don’t take the opportunity. New attacks always show your elevated position. Look at your opponents with evil eyes and devise unique tactics. Download Bad Women Wrestling Game mod, the clash of resilient gladiator girls.

Download Bad Women Wrestling Game MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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