Ball Quest MOD APK 1.5.1 (God mode)

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NameBall Quest APK
PublisherFanmob Studio
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Ball Quest participates in moving challenges, exploring the top pyramids. You are in an attractive shape, and it is a face pressed into a circle. That ball will fly from planet to planet with unforgettable memories. Take on new journeys, and discover things you’ve never seen before. Follow the terrain the game has created back, up, and down erratically. Traveling to the pyramid is a long journey but leaves many impressions. You earn bonuses through those plays and accumulate more new records. Be the first to reach the beautiful pyramid.

Ball Quest mod apk

Download Ball Quest mod – Enjoy traveling across the planet

The experience does not come. Naturally, it is created with your consent. The adventure will take place when you press start, and the challenges will also appear from there. Along the way, you not only see strange new scenes but also need to help those trapped. The trip is stormy, but it will be exchanged for a meaningful journey, working usefully for everyone. Overcome obstacles, go places you’ve never been, and discover unique events. Ball Quest takes players to puzzles, asking them to decode and complete them before leaving the area. You will be able to develop your thinking ability and occupy a lot of vacant lands.

You control the trip in Ball Quest; returning home safely or not depends on your ability. Unforgettable experiences will make you nostalgic here. Every journey will have an end, but when this door closes, a new door full of hope opens. Travel, but do not forget to do the noble task of rescuing people in difficulty. Travel through many new terrains to learn that the world is so big and pyramids are challenging to get to. In real life, you probably wouldn’t have thought of going to the pyramid-like that, but now there’s a chance. Alone to lead the way, groping and taking on challenges to reach the finish line successfully.

Ball Quest mod

Controlling the shadow man

The player’s face is squeezed into a cute ball-like circle. You are the one who directs that shadow person to the pyramid as initially intended. Both must be handled comprehensively by leading it up steep slopes or down into the abyss. The terrain is erratic, so you need to pay attention, or you will bump into obstacles. Go into the tunnels, and take away the secret information about the pyramid. Easy to control, touch the screen, and you can jump high. But if you jump earlier than planned, the probability of falling into a black hole increases. Jumping up or down requires technique, high concentration, and quick eyes.

Rescue trapped people

On the way to explore Ball Quest, there will appear a shadow person similar to you who is trapped in a cage. You have to save them, free them so they can start having an incredible journey like you. The word help of the opponent will appear, and you quickly answer I’m here, I am here to untie in time. Those people will be extremely grateful to you if you get them out safely. That is also the challenge you must overcome to avoid the boring game. Other shadow figures are also stuck; you need to move fast to get there. Everywhere you go, act quickly before the worst happens.

Ball Quest

Collect coins

Valuable coins will support your spring travel. You will collect those coins along the way, more or less depending on your jump. They are not arranged in any order but are always filled with roads for players to conquer quickly. With your money, you will unlock more maps and have a new look. Wherever there are coins you move to, don’t be afraid of the terrain being too high to turn up; that makes you miss out on a lot of things. The coins are gifts for you; getting more or not is your level. Become rich and, collect even more trophies, know how to take advantage of the new terrain to get high scores.

Ball Quest plays with the ball people and receives puzzle solutions. The player will be the savior of those trapped in the wooden frame. With your enthusiasm, those people escaped safely. The following levels are challenging; not handled in time will fail. Travel to many areas, help strangers and embark on a beautiful journey. Find the key to untie those who call for help with you first. Download Ball Quest mod, move the ball in the right direction, get many prizes and look forward to this adventure.

Download Ball Quest MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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