Battle Ella: 2048 MOD APK 1.1.6 (Menu/Attack, defense multiplier)

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NameBattle Ella: 2048 APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Battle Ella: 2048 opens the great war in 2048 AD, where you can fight monsters. A world of cataclysmic crises and unforeseeable future stories. Mutants and broken machines have become your enemies. A chaotic battlefield is about to take place; you are the main character in this mess. There are many ways to possess Ella, considered a master in every battle. The successive stages form a complete story, using all possibilities to defeat the enemy and writing unfinished developments. Immersed in this crisis but extremely interesting, you want to change these positions.

Battle Ella 2048

Download Battle Ella: 2048 mod – Show Ella’s power

Ella is a brave girl that converges the most beautiful quintessence of a woman but is extremely strong. That girl alone could defeat all the enemies present in the future battle. Accompanying her is you, directly giving tactics and skilful control. The beautiful images for Ella never stop; Battle Ella: 2048 lets you choose her style again. Get the costumes, and beautify the appearance but do not forget to give preference to combat skills. This is a decisive factor for her survival and all of humanity. So let’s wait and see how much breakthrough power and mutants will fear you.

Battle Ella 2048 mod apk

You can strengthen Ella, making her the queen of battles. Enhance, upgrade, limit production or confess love. Everything you do for Ella helps her make a good impression during crises. Unleash many functions in this strong girl, and you will be incredibly motivated. Besides, explore new environments, and try out characters in many different interfaces. How to show bravery depends on how fast you take down enemies. A warrior who does not sleep must strive to the end to win glory. Summon all your potential abilities, and become the greatest master.

Battle Ella 2048 apk free

The story of the master and Ella

The enemies also know how to get Ella to fall on the spot, but it’s not easy. The provocative chats, challenging the opponent, could not stop Ella. It’s time to fight; 1200 images will make you fight non-stop. The characters are all fighting for themselves, wanting a firm foothold. Sequence the stages together to link things together. You can’t miss any chat, thus giving the monster a chance to invade you. Challenges will be accepted, and you will deal with the enemy team in no time.

Battle Ella 2048 mod

Classic battles

They are still terrible machines with their violent performance. Monsters do not leave you alone, always looking to invade this world. Always a challenge, creating a big feud that you can’t dodge. Breakthroughs from players are always deservedly recognized by Battle Ella: 2048. In return is a reward of coins or valuable loot. Prepare yourself with a spirit of steel and optimal weapons to achieve the highest score. Exterminating the ghastly monsters, they take advantage of their larger bodies. But that doesn’t make you feel weak but conquers in the shortest time.

Battle Ella 2048 apk

Compete with other masters

Confronting monsters is not enough, Battle Ella: 2048 also creates more lists in the rankings. This is the convergence of the most talented people; you need to set foot somewhere. There are not too many categories for you to be indifferent to the rankings or consider it as the 2nd arena that you have to participate in. Other masters also make an equal effort to fight monsters to get the highest score. Set records for specialized classes and register at the top. That’s the goal you need to accomplish; the list will constantly update. Every victory will be accumulated, creating an excellent position for you in this fierce arena.

Battle Ella: 2048 creates more than 100 stages for players to access thousands of monsters. It’s not enough to fight them but also create your bravery on the leaderboard. You have many positions to shine, but how you present it is essential, there are various ways to develop your Ella character, whichever you choose. Every decision affects the end of the story; let it go your way. Players are trying to change new life for the character through many costumes. Download Battle Ella: 2048 mod, and build a solid and robust Ella image through matches.

Download Battle Ella: 2048 MOD APK (Menu/Attack, defense multiplier) for Android

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