Battle goddess MOD APK 1.0.12 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameBattle goddess APK
PublisherSunbeesoft Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Battle goddess kicks off the goddess’s war, a constant adventure with accompanying puzzles. You combine three similar images in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. For every three consecutive tiles that are connected, you can break them. Usually, the match 3 games you make are all fun stones or animals, but here it is different. Images of goddesses will appear, and you will move them. Combine the same warriors in a row; you will score points immediately. The photos that are destroyed mean you win and meet the requirements to be able to unlock. The levels go on continuously without waiting for anyone and speed up fast.

Battle goddess apk free

Download Battle goddess mod – Combine multiple goddesses

The exciting start of adventure has come; players must enjoy it now. The goddesses are fully prepared to appear before you. Violent waves of struggle also break out; you are the creator. Combine three similar characters to make the goddess disappear; you get instant rewards. The battle goddess makes the requirements and how many goddesses will be specified in each part. You will be the one to meet those conditions, satisfy and still have the turn to be successful. In a row like that, you will overcome many challenges. The characters are rescued, you succeed, and you move on to the next match.

Battle goddess

The challenges are set in different situations and need you to solve puzzles. Battle goddess says no to coincidence, each level is level, and you will experience surprises. Crushing blocks is your ultimate goal, not only to score but also to compete on the leaderboard. Match your eyes from 3 or more identical blocks, and you will be successful. Set foot to many different levels, and test your sensitivity with blocks. You are touching the higher goal, the groups, according to the ascending ladder. Let’s deploy fascinating gameplay not to betray the goddesses. Rescue them from the smoke boxes as required from the beginning of the game.

Battle goddess mod apk

Level map

The battle goddess will proceed to make maps according to different levels. Just deploy in increasing difficulty, and you have to conquer those ladders. This journey is long and has not yet indicated a stop so that you can explore. There’s no need to rush, but the rankings urge you to go further. Run fast to conquer the levels you are looking forward to. The map is designed in a classic style, contemplative but not dull. Its diversity has kept players hooked. Experience the randomness of the blocks; you will not come across the same arrangement at all.

Battle goddess apk

Explosion of power

Players can completely conquer all kinds of breakthrough powers to support themselves. You should combine the same goddesses from 4 or more blocks from which the administration will appear. You’ll be more conquest-rich as you progress to the more challenging demands. The types of energy are different; each combination will tell you. They can crush blocks at the fastest time and reach large numbers. Players do not need to worry about this array but need a strategy to create adjacent blocks. Block breaking effect occurs consecutively; use more support tools. Many possibilities can happen, and you can’t predict it, but it will be interesting.

Battle goddess mod

Competition war

The goddesses that appear in the blocks all have their reasons. When you perform a rescue, you create a chance to compete for them. You are carrying out intense battles with the participation of many other objects. The goddesses of war are fierce and self-made. Many goddess images are present in the collection of Battle goddesses; you can choose. Everyone wants to win the right to survive, but who will you help first? Each goddess needs a certain number of people; you must complete that target to be considered a victory. Competing with other players makes this race a lot more interesting; give it a try.

Battle goddess creates a challenge and wants players to take it in many ways. You approach talented goddesses, but there is also a little pressure to conquer them. But with their beauty and fighting spirit, you can’t stop this wave of fighting. You also blend in and make risky combinations to score big. Painting opportunities to create power, each character will bring a different type of energy. Download the Battle goddess mod, swap the positions of goddesses and conquer them instantly.

Download Battle goddess MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android

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