Battle of Polytopia MOD APK (Unlocked)

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NameBattle of Polytopia APK
PublisherMidjiwan AB
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Battle of Polytopia is a fighting game against tribes. Step by step, build a civilization, develop for your tribe. Create tactics to be able to deal with each enemy, preventing the actions they cause. Players will be the ruler, giving measures to develop for the tribe. Defeat the enemy’s tribe, gain victory. Discover new places and exploit the way you want. Battle of Polytopia is the site of a series of major battles. Bringing players to fierce battles, attacking all enemies.

Battle of Polytopia mod download

Download Battle of Polytopia mod – Destroy enemy tribes

Many battle maps are provided, players will be moved everywhere. Clever tactics are indispensable to confront formidable armies. Positive feedback from players has shown the appeal of the game. Game interface to attractive game modes, making a difference compared to games of the same genre. Battle style, coordinate with teammates to destroy all enemies. Civilized fighting style, attracting millions of gamers in just a short time. Are you looking for a strategy game, Battle of Polytopia is a perfect choice. Complete missions, connect with many other players in each battle.

Battle of Polytopia mod

As one of the leaders, it is necessary to take measures to build and develop the tribe. Battle of Polytopia will be a place for players to show off their skills and participate in every battle. Learn and know more new technologies, apply tactics. Take on a great responsibility, fight to destroy all enemies, bring the tribe to a new level. Take control of the battlefield on the map, with the entire army quickly achieving victory. Compete with each tribe, rise to the top and defeat all the enemies.

Battle of Polytopia mod apk

Participate in each game mode

Battle of Polytopia has two options for players: single-player and multiplayer. Each game mode will bring different experiences. With single-player mode, players will be alone against opponents. Perfection and Domination will be the play for you in this mode. The battle in Perfection took place in a not too long time, only 10 minutes. During the battle, the player needs to score a higher score than the opponent. If you like long battles, Domination will meet that. Each evolution of the matches will be held longer. Challenging and dramatic is also something that you will feel right from the first play. Challenge multiplayer, progress to even more intense battles. Confront countless formidable tribes, with fierce counterattack power.

Battle of Polytopia mod free

Build and develop the tribe

The task that the player assumes is the commander for the tribe. Initially, when playing, you will rule a single tribe. Players will have to try, learn more new technological thinking to develop. Technology will be what makes you and your army more powerful. Easily resist powerful enemies. You will need to build a city, collect a lot of money. With each battle won, the game will also offer some technology. What level the city is building, will receive the corresponding number of stars. Players need to focus on completing and bringing the whole town to be developed more civilized.

Battle of Polytopia mod android

Challenge map

Each war that takes place will be in a different area. Battle of Polytopia offers many lands for you to explore. Each location will be the challenges and dangers that players need to face. Apply each specific strategy to have ways to deal with the enemy. Each level of play will let you show your skills and strength. Attack, face all the tribes, quickly defeat them in the shortest time. Become the builder of a brilliant civilization, dominating all other forces. Download Battle of Polytopia mod to fight against enemies and develop for the tribe.

Download Battle of Polytopia MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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