Be The Judge MOD APK 1.7.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameBe The Judge APK
PublisherMatchingham Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Be The Judge is an exciting puzzle game that offers many problems that you need to solve. Uncover the mysteries through the challenging puzzles themselves, and find the evidence to convict. Easier to understand, in Be The Judge you are like a judge. Standing in front of the court are countless suspects appearing and you need to find the real culprit. This is also not easy to do right away. Use thinking, and rely on clues to make things clear with a smart and sharp brain to overcome all challenges.

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Download Be The Judge mod – Judges find criminals

Games not only create entertainment but also test the IQ of gamers. Be The Judge is one of them, allowing players to try their hand at every puzzle. The ability to judge and think is something to use when solving puzzles. Each player needs to get the correct answer to each question. Unravel everything that is still hidden behind, bring all the truth to light. Use the brain’s full capacity to convict the guilty and decide the fate of the formidable suspect. Things will not be easy, and you need to have a clear head to not fall into a bad situation. Solving the case successfully or not also depends on your ability.

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There are quite a few tasks that will be set that you need to solve. Questions will be asked and it is up to you to give the answers. Think carefully to get the most satisfactory answer. More than 100 levels and many questions sometimes make players feel confused. So what do you do when there are always suspects standing in front of the court? Forgive all their mistakes or resolve justice to regain justice for the innocent? The choice will lie with you, solve everything wisely.

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Test your thinking

Each level offers a task for each player. Many clues and mysteries will gradually be revealed for you to use as a basis for conclusions. However, it takes a lot of time to get an accurate answer. Players will also have to reason and strain their brains to find the truth. That’s why you need to brainstorm and quickly bring the offender to surrender. If you are a person who likes to use thinking when entertaining, then Be The Judge is indeed an option. Just enjoy the joy of completing the task, and experience all emotions when facing brain hacking situations. Skills and logical thinking will also be gradually improved when participating in quizzes in Be The Judge.

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Investigate cases

As a judge, you will need to focus on different cases. For example, bank robberies, car thefts, property robberies… are all behind and directly executed. Finding the object will also be quite challenging and cause many obstacles. The first thing to do is find evidence and fulfill the responsibility of a detective. Once you have all the relevant information, then you can proceed with the judgment. Use all the clues available to make the perpetrator indisputable. For example, would you do well as a detective or judge? Show your ability through your ability to judge and bring all suspects to admit the mistake they made.

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Improve empathy

Not only a place for you to show your brain thinking ability but also help improve empathy and morality. Many cases will happen and you need to develop a reasonable and reasonable solution. Some cases will make you awkward and unable to come up with an immediate answer. Will act in a civilized and proper manner be demonstrated? Fairness is a prerequisite that everyone wants and Be The Judge is no exception. Will you be a fair trial judge? Download Be The Judge mod to become an intelligent judge, convicting criminals.

Download Be The Judge MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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