Block Gun MOD APK 9.8 (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy)

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NameBlock Gun APK
PublisherSirius Games Yazılım Anonim Şirketi
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Do you prefer online shooting, PVP shooting, or single-player FPS genre? Regardless of the answer, you can still choose Block Gun. This game is a combination of all the above factors. Players can even play as a sniper in this game. More than 10 million downloads from Google Play is the number that Block Gun uses to assert its position. Sirius Games producer Yazılım Anonim Şirketi will undoubtedly be pleased with this result. A shooting game with a combination of numerous elements, and no one can criticize it. Perhaps, you should also try Block Gun to verify this right away. Pick up your gun and fight!

Block Gun mod

Download Block Gun mod – Experience the intense real-time system

Block Gun is a first-person shooter game. You can choose to play with your teammates or friends. The user’s first impression of Block Gun may be about the design element. Instead of using a realistic graphic style, Block Gun has very eye-catching cubic graphics. You will feel like you are participating in shooting in a sandbox game. The exciting gameplay it brings will also urge you to assemble a clan to fight together. Each confrontation is a color, and Block Gun will not disappoint any player. Plus, you can see the tension coming from Block Gun’s real-time battles.

Block Gun apk

A new mark, a new style for the shooter game, is the goal that Block Gun pursues. The manufacturer, including maps, weapons, and a competition system, created a series of new elements. You do not have many difficulties when controlling the character through the bumpy and rocky roads. Because Block Gun’s movement system is exceptionally smooth, players can even jump over their opponents’ heads with Block Gun. Lots of scenarios and modes are waiting for you. But perhaps, when a teammate is injured and becomes a zombie will be the minor thing you want. Be prepared for unexpected situations because Block Gun has unlimited creativity.

Block Gun mod apk

Exclusive skins and weapons

As a simulation game, but Block Gun has an entire arsenal of authentic weapons here. You can own every gun on the market that you want. Twenty-one types of firearms are more than enough for the battles here. For a warrior, weapons and equipment will create their appearance. Therefore, players who want to change the character’s appearance change the best armor and weapons. Make the warrior fear the opponent from the moment they see you. In addition, Block Gun’s armor and weapons will also be upgraded. Depending on the level, their abilities may vary. Upgrade and get to the top.

Block Gun android

Optional modes

The number of optional modes of Block Gun is not inferior to any other game. Team play is a form that many people love. You and your friends will have to fight other teams. If those who want to play alone, the campaign mode will be very suitable to conquer. Even Block Gun users can create a map with their own rules of play. This is a unique feature like the typical sandbox game with familiar blocks. In addition, deathmatch mode should not be ignored for users who are passionate about fierce challenges. That’s where the shootings took place. Besides, there are also AWP Maps dedicated to Block Gun snipers.

Block Gun apk free

Detailed battle maps

In Block Gun, there are eight design maps available. Block Gun satisfies your shooting cravings with various items, from blocks and buildings to empty fields. This number 8 is just the beginning. Because players can also create their battle maps, all arrangements in that particular map are yours. At the same time, Block Gun’s sandbox design with adjacent blocks is too suitable for sniping. Because players will have many safe hiding places, you can track targets from afar and pull the trigger to take them down. Players need to change their tactics accordingly with each map and be flexible.

Block Gun is an action game with a unique strategy element. With special guns in hand, you can explore many beautiful pre-built maps. In addition, the fighting style is also your choice; enjoy it. A shooting game integrated with many different game genres. Download Block Gun mod and fight with your friends against global players.

Download Block Gun MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy) for Android

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