Broken Dawn:Tempest HD MOD APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money, energy)

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NameBroken Dawn:Tempest HD APK
PublisherHummingbird Mobile Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, energy
SupportAndroid 4.0+
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Unmask the terrible conspiracy of the corporation that has pushed the world to destruction in Broken Dawn: Tempest HD. There are many contexts to exploit the story of the undead and their origin. Broken Dawn: Tempest HD is an example of a virus leak affecting humans. That causes every organ inside the body to be destroyed. The mind is also completely lost and is now just a lifeless, undead being. These individuals began to appear more and more after the virus leaked. You hold in your hands the most important role and mission of humanity. That is to find the mastermind behind creating that horrible virus. Turn the world back to normal and find a way to survive.

Broken Dawn Tempest HD mod

Download Broken Dawn: Tempest HD mod – Save the world from the zombie pandemic

With just one virus leak, the whole world became an absolute hell after a while. The undead loiters anywhere in the ruined city. Humans cannot now walk around the town without a weapon to defend themselves. And so a group of warriors was formed. The group’s goal is to destroy all the undead that exist in the world. Rescue the survivors and create a safe defense. Avoid the undead approaching in any way. Although it has only been implemented, the warrior team is doing an excellent job. Moreover, they also discovered the truth behind this deadly zombie virus leak.

Players will start with simple weapons with the task of destroying the undead in a small neighborhood. Use easy-to-understand on-screen buttons to move your character around the map. The undead is easy to spot and can be spotted while walking toward you. Aim accurately and shoot to destroy this undead. The system will automatically aim at the target for you to fight easier. Besides the guns, there are skills specific to each warrior. If you feel like a character’s gameplay, you can choose that character in battle. The world in Broken Dawn: Tempest HD will be vast in scale, and every region of the world has zombies.

Broken Dawn Tempest HD mod apk

Guaranteed warrior status

Because the warrior you control will only fight alone. There are not any teammates to support each campaign. You will do all the work yourself, such as killing zombies, transporting goods, healing yourself… Not always do you have the space to do these things? The undead will attack continuously and take time to kill them. If you are not careful when operating, you will be attacked by the undead and lose a lot of blood. You have a lot of powerful weapons and skills to protect yourself. But the overwhelming number of undead will force you to follow the strategy if you do not want to lose. Do not be subjective on any game screen.

Broken Dawn Tempest HD mod apk free

Zombies and monsters

Fighting in Broken Dawn: Tempest HD isn’t just about fighting the bloodthirsty undead. Viruses have probably affected many animals in the wild. Leaving behind are giant creatures in a state of madness. This will be a very tough battle for the human side as they must fend off unidentified creatures with mysterious powers. They have superior health bars and always rush toward the warrior to attack. To defeat these creatures requires specialized high-level weapons. So they will appear in high levels and medium difficulty. The undead forces are no exception when they have many variations with terrifying power.

Broken Dawn Tempest HD mod free

Various realistic interactions

The battlefield is nowhere else but in the cities of the earth. After the virus leaks and zombies appear continuously, all the cities in the world are now just ruined. However, human shelters and many power stations are still in operation. Food stores and weapons can be used as usual. Take advantage of that supply to increase your strength and hold out against the undead. Take advantage of high positions that the undead are hard to reach to entrench. Each city has a different layout of terrain and objects for you to experiment with many tactics. So there will come a time when you find the right strategy.

Broken Dawn Tempest HD free

Holding on to the hope of a world almost destroyed by the zombie virus. Form a team of warriors to wipe out the zombies raging everywhere. Broken Dawn: Tempest HD gives you an environment to learn how to fight and handle many critical situations. More is to experience alone against the whole world and save humanity. Download Broken Dawn: Tempest HD mod for a worldwide rescue campaign.

Download Broken Dawn:Tempest HD MOD APK (Unlimited money, energy) for Android

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