Bunny Blast MOD APK 1.7.0 (Unlimited hammer, rocket)

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NameBunny Blast APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hammer, rocket
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Bunny Blast and cute bunnies collect gold-containing expensive carrots. You know that rabbits love to eat carrots; this is their favorite food, so please help him. Take the challenge to get huge prizes and collect quality gold coins. Feel the bubbly atmosphere of the Bunny when his dream is achieved. Like you, I want to have the things I’ve wished for a long time. Solve the puzzle successfully and get a lot of luck from the jade rabbit. It will always be by your side in every play, standing in the corner to assist you, taking the energy released from them.

Bunny Blast android

Download Bunny Blast mod – Accumulating cells of the same color push money to your pocket

Bunny Blast is in the direction of match 3 or more, and it creates challenges for you to explore. Always the latest versions to enjoy with you with a long journey. The turns require tactics and the right way to go, the exact times you score the absolute score. There is no time limit on each level, but you should voluntarily speed up the progress. The stages you participate in will be different; there is no same story before. You can take the quiz on all fronts, which is the most accurate way to assess capacity. Go with the rabbit to find carrots, you get money, and the rabbit eats your favorite food; the two sides work together.

Bunny Blast mod apk

Competing with others to climb to the top can take a long time. But it is conquest you will do it all; the times of self-conquest were the big turning point. Random screens will gradually appear; players only need to unlock them to be able to use them. Tiles of the same color are not always next to each other, and you need intermediate steps to make leverage. But limit the use through the 3rd object so that it will lose your unworthy turn. At the end of the road, sometimes you have to ask for the help of powerful energies. The race has not ended; the latter, there are many opponents that you need to fight.

Bunny Blast apk free

Select 3 cells

The cells you need to combine will have the same color and details. Look at it and observe, orientate the amount you need to take, and then take the step. Simple operation with fingertips can move up and down, left and right flexibly. Just do so so that enough of the original goal is OK; exceeding the number is OK. It would help if you were sharp in choosing cells, breaking the siege of the remaining cells. The more difficult challenge is that you need to free the other cells wrapped around the iron wire, helping them to be free. The times of measuring and counting steps are enough for you to have a headache. The early stages are more manageable, so don’t worry too much about this challenge.

Bunny Blast mod

Exceptional energy

Bunny Blast gives you a whole support system; as long as you have enough money, it can be bought. But an easier way to earn that is to create in your play. It is possible to match tiles of the same color in a long sequence; the more, the better, then the bomb explodes on its own. This is the only way to get support without any coins. Just calculate the optimal plan to be reasonable for you, and complete the task without consuming energy. Accumulate into a rocket so it can go far, destroying obstacles in the way. Collecting stars also help you receive large amounts of money, rich in resources.

Bunny Blast apk

Competitive tournament

It was a challenge to have a clear victory and defeat, with only one cup for the winner. No one guests but you, but if in case you are sober enough. Your ingenuity will help you achieve many awards and participate in the rankings. Other people in the world are also working day and night to improve their abilities, and so are you. Work hard to get the trophies you deserve. The puzzles posed will be equivalent to each level, similar to others. They all perform those tasks in the same challenge. It will be a fair and transparent hierarchy among players.

Bunny Blast with rabbits and many other animals are waiting for your masterpieces. Are you ready for the intellectual challenge with more than 1000 levels of play? Your thinking is also progressing day by day, and the quality of the squares is also gradually increasing. Everything after playing you improve, so be enthusiastic about this game. Accumulate the required number of items, and plan well in each level. Touch the bright stars, and use the supporting energies so as not to be wasted. Download Bunny Blast cute mod puzzle with intelligent animals and reach the top of the prize.

Download Bunny Blast MOD APK (Unlimited hammer, rocket) for Android

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