Card Guardians MOD APK 3.7.2 (Menu, God mode/Onehit/Free upgrade)

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NameCard Guardians APK
PublisherTapps Games - PT
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Onehit/Free upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Card Guardians features many intense battles between you and your enemies. Use the cards you own to attack the enemy. You will transform into a hero, giving ways to destroy the enemy. Carry out a noble mission, help Valentia to have peace. Fight day and night, keep the kingdom safe. Lead warriors to attack, causing all enemies to lose. Explore the chaotic world where you are determined to fight a series of dangerous enemies. Restoring the situation of the battlefield, regaining peace for Valentia.

Card Guardians mod

Download Card Guardians – Cards with destructive power

The game is an exciting combination of strategy and cards. The cards can change the situation, strong attack power. Take advantage of these cards to quickly make all enemies die. Each technique used is also a way to create an edge in combat. Build decks of cards, creating the power to overthrow every enemy team that appears. This is considered an adventure with the task of defeating the enemy. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the dramatic match, win on all fronts. Travel through several kingdoms and face off against enemy forces. The outcome of the battle will depend on how you use the cards.

Card Guardians mod apk

Give players a whole new experience when fighting. Warriors will use the deck they own to confront the enemy. This is considered a powerful weapon, helping you attack all formidable opponents. However, the selection of cards and application to the fighting style are very important. Combine attack and defense closely to conquer victory. Every match that takes place brings challenges that players need to face. The number of enemies, their destructive power is also tremendous. Test your strength when standing in front of opponents, unleashing moves to defeat them all.

Card Guardians mod download

Build attack deck of cards

To fight the enemy, the deck is the deciding factor. Build your own deck and use it in every battle. Step by step returns all enemies to the Chaos dungeon they were in. Each card will have its power, creating attacks on all positions. Depending on different stats, the card will resist the counterattack caused by the opponent. Explore each card’s unique function to make the most dangerous fighting style. Learn carefully the use of each card, their strength so as not to be confused when playing. Instead of each character fighting, the deck will replace every confrontation with the enemy.

Card Guardians mod free

Strategy in the match

In addition to strength, intrigues in combat are necessary. There needs to be a strategy to bring about an easy victory in any battle. In addition to using arbitrary cards in situations, clever tricks will create an advantage. With that, the hospital facing the enemy is no longer an obstacle, dealing damage to the enemy. Implement a plan for each battle, delivering impressive destructive attack combos. Weaken the enemy team, help the warrior become more robust than before. Observe the opponent’s actions, have a way to deal with every enemy that appears. Control the hero to fight, dodge all counterattacks caused by the enemy.

Card Guardians mod android

Card upgrades

Each level will bring new challenges, more dangerous enemies. You will face many difficulties and even lose your life if you do not fight. Upgrading cards will help warriors gain more fighting power. Combine using cards to get the most powerful destructive combo. Follows a sequence with the chosen card, causing all enemies to fall. Each card represents an ability, use every card to bring high results. Deals a certain amount of damage and causes the enemy force to take death. Become a talented hero, enjoy the joy of winning through the cards.

If you have never experienced a strategy game, using cards, don’t ignore Card Guardians. The feeling of controlling a duel warrior with cards will bring an exciting sense. Move to the enemy’s area, giving them no chance of survival. Download Card Guardians mod to conquer all challenges in fierce matches.

Download Card Guardians MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit/Free upgrade) for Android

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