MOD APK 2.0.4 (Unlimited money, unlocked)

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PublisherXGame Global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play is more about military strategy, posing bloody challenges to those who like action. The player is the one who directly mobilizes the soldiers to participate in the battle. There will be harsh times of resistance; the forces will rush into each other to find a chance to win. You must be proactive in each situation, putting your opponent in challenging positions to rise to find life. Leaders of a group of soldiers follow orders; all must be united to solve problems thoroughly. The opponent is growing stronger, you are also racing with them to find a foothold. Take down your opponents in explosive clashes, and become the hegemony of the world. mod

Download mod – Join the military campaign

The clan wars will be opened in turn, your task is to accept and fight confidently. As the leader, you must bring the best to your team. Collect all metal, and bonuses are on the way, when you win, you also receive a large amount of money. Your barracks need enough materials to build solidly and distribute enough troops to protect the goal. Territory must be continuously expanded if you do not want to be left behind in the rankings. Develop a strategy carefully not to be easily caught by the opponent. Instead, attack the enemy according to the situation, and destroy many objects you will succeed. mod apk

Defend yourself from the enemy’s threat, and avoid their formidable counterattacks. The battles will be different, no two matches are the same, so you can explore. Each player has different abilities, so the time of the game cannot be grasped in advance. Challenge on many modes to feel the destructive power of the opponent. Lead the team to a new land, find your strengths and promote. This journey is still very long, all changes are possible, sometimes weak but sometimes extremely strong. Constantly upgrading yourself, admitting more members to join. Making illustrious historical wars worthy of the leader’s name. android

Build a barracks

The barracks are the place for you to live and practice before fighting. You own a large piece of land, on which there are many small tents to serve the warriors of your team. Metal and gold are the materials that help you build and develop a barracks. Here it would help if you expanded the goal, make strictly avoided the opponent. A stable base is also a way to protect yourself from danger. Many forces are trying to invade other people’s territory; you also be careful of that. In addition, to increase your strength and authority, you should also bring troops to fight your opponent, receiving many new yards of land. apk

Enrolling soldiers

Your teammates are the brothers you trust, sending a solid spirit to join the fight. Create yourself a family full of status with outstanding talents. Strengthening the army is also in your mission, do not hesitate to spend resources to develop the team. The commander should be more super-minded and have particular responsibility for his soldiers. Each level will require more manpo; recruituit them to the team to increase their fighting ability. The army will follow your orders, distributing the mission accordingly so that no one is left behind. Open professional training times, and upgrade weapons, so the military has enough equipment to fight. apk free

Defeat multiple armies at once will be terrible battles, no one will give up. At the same time have to duel with many forces, sometimes two teams, sometimes 3-4 opponents. Each team will have its color; distinguishing them from each other will be your strong point. Join tft 1v1, war io battle, and many different modes for more experience. Just adjust two fingers, and you can push the army down and win. Depending on the situation, there are appropriate tactics, at this time, it is necessary to be agile. Because fighting with many armies at the same time should be careful, do not rush. Enemies are getting more robust with each level, and so should you. requires intense concentration every time you accept a challenge. A little loophole is enough to make you lose the chance to win. Addictive shooting battles, burning in each player’s way. tingGetting more members and knowing how to strengthen the army will be a great strength. Killing the opponent is your primary goal, automatically generating more bonuses. Be proactive in finding new resources to improve your barracks. Use a variety of weapons and combat vehicles to support soldiers. Download mod, and experience terrible military battles.

Download MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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