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Squid Game was an explosive name in 2021. The film is about the deadly survival journey of hundreds of players in a unique competition. Since its launch, Squid Game has created an explosion in box office revenue. This name spread worldwide, not only in the land of kimchi. Several logos and publications from the film were widely produced to satisfy the audience’s needs. Many children’s games have been revived by Squid Game in a unique version. Grasping that trend, game makers have created many similar games. The most typical is Cookie Carver of CASUAL AZUR GAMES company. Let’s discover more about it.

Cookie Carver mod

Download Cookie Carver mod – Join the challenge of life

Based on the hit movie Squid Game motif, Cookie Carver consists of 6 rounds. These are also six challenges that players need to overcome to survive to return to the enormous prize. If you’re ready for the game of life, let’s get started. The most prominent goal players must achieve overcoming each challenge and trying to survive. Each game screen can have the participation of dozens of people. However, at the last minute, the number of survivors was sporadic or none at all. Therefore, you need to put in a lot of effort.

Cookie Carver apk

Although the games in Cookie Carver are very familiar, a second of carelessness can cost you your life because this is survival Light and Green Light are typical games that appear in both Squid Game and Cooking Light. A yellow doll can show the virality of this game with a chubby face. The melody of the song “mugunghwa kkochi piotsseumnida” has become an obsession with many people for a long time. As for the rules, this game is not challenging. You need to run fast when the light is green and stop when the light turns red. Don’t expect to cheat in Cookie Carver. Many admins are watching your every move. Just follow the rules seriously, and you will win. The player will be forwarded to another challenge without taking a break as soon as the first round passes.

Cookie Carver mod apk

Dalgona candy cup

Algona is a famous Korean candy. The recipe and ingredients for this dish are straightforward. You only need granulated sugar and baking soda to create sweet sugar candies. However, thanks to Squid Game, Algona has become a challenge in a more upgraded version. And interestingly, the Algona split challenge isn’t as easy as when you make it. When the candy has just been poured, people will use molds to shape it. It could be an umbrella or a heart, for example. So your task is to separate the umbrella from the big piece of candy without breaking it. This game requires meticulousness, skill, patience, and very high accuracy.

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Walk on the glass bridge

Another famous and complex challenge is walking on the glass bridge. On the screen, an extended glass sphere will be divided into many different squares. They are divided into two rows. Each square corresponds to a step. However, not every square is a safe foothold. With dangerous tiles, you will fall down the cliff as soon as you set foot on it. Therefore, it is essential to use judgment in this challenge. Before each move, you must consider whether to choose the left box or the right one. There is no denying that luck is a factor that accounts for more than half of the victory at this level. Hopefully, you can make the right decisions for your character.

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Game tug

Besides the games mentioned above, Squid Game or Cookie Carver is famous for the legendary tug of war. However, the tug of war in Cookie Carver is not what it was in your childhood memories. Because Cookie Carver is labeled 16+, the challenges here are much more severe. The drag screen is arranged on a fault line. The two teams will be on either side of this space. If your opponent pulls you over the boundary, you will fall into the abyss. That means this survival game ends here. The manufacturer also notes that power does not determine everything. With Cookie Carver’s tug of war, strategic skill plays a vital role. Build your strategy carefully.

Cookie Carver is a must-have if anyone is a hardcore fan of the movie Squid Game. Based on the design of familiar folk games, Cookie Carver challenges the player’s survival ability. Just one careless act can cost you your life. Therefore, be calm to perform the challenges included in this game. Download Cookie Carver mod and conquer tough survival rounds.

Download Cookie Carver MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked skins) for Android

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