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Manage the farm and cook at the same time? That’s not a bad idea at all. Cooking Farm will show you how combining these two factors can sometimes create an indescribable attraction. You will have to manage the farm and the crops simultaneously. Also, use them as ingredients for your beautiful dishes. Farming and cooking are often two separate genres in games. A genre that requires you to manage your output well. The rest requires players to make delicious dishes. But if you combine the two, you get Cooking Farm. The game about farm management mixed with the work of a chef is exciting.

Cooking Farm mod

Download Cooking Farm mod – Do two interesting jobs in one

Your farm is in the worst period when no one can manage it. Now it has become ancient and gradually demolished. It is your responsibility to renovate your farm. Create many new crops to harvest more production. Another reason is to provide ingredients for the dishes you are about to prepare. Everything needs to be completed within the time limit. There is no time for you to sit there and arrange everything. Stand up to do everything at once. It sounds very rushed and stressful. But the nature of Cooking Farm does not make you work so hard.

As mentioned, the main job you have to do will be to manage your farm model. Grow the crops so that they grow in the correct order. All fertilizers and suitable environmental conditions must be used. If applied correctly, you will gain a lot of necessary food. That leads to the second job that you have to do. Once we have the ingredients, we will start to work in the kitchen. Everything is already there, and we have to combine them. Then, apply the principle of fire to cooking food. The game is also very realistic; if you cook for too long, the food will burn. The rest is the journey to becoming an excellent landlord and chef.

Cooking Farm mod free

Unlock new locations

The locations here refer to new areas for growing crops and contemporary kitchens. As for the farm, when you upgrade it, you will have more space to grow more plants. Poultry houses will also be built to provide an abundant supply of meat and eggs. There is also milk from extremely healthy cows. Each level will unlock each new pet species and plant seeds. So when you upgrade, you will have more conditions to cook. And when you open the kitchen, you get a new cooking tool. There is also more space to process quantities to serve their hungry customers.

Cooking Farm mod apk

Everything needs to be perfect

Apply to all farming and processing activities. You have to harvest the vegetables at their most suitable time. That also affects the dishes as you have to cook them and finish in the perfect stage. If they are left on the stove for too long, they will burn and cannot be used for serving. An incredibly realistic mechanism to make you pay more attention to everything. Avoid forgetting to harvest food or serve food to diners. There are also a few support tools to help you manage a little more time if you are too busy. It feels like you’re doing a real job. All need timely.

The story of the farmers

Cooking Farm also offers a very realistic story when it comes to the process of renovating the farm of a female farmer. She is not alone. Accompanying this plan is a series of other supporting characters. They will also help you in managing the farm or harvesting food. It is impossible not to mention when serving delicious food to its diners. At various stages between levels, we will also see a few unexpected events. First, it requires you to handle and come up with the most suitable solution. Avoid causing trouble and affecting business. As a leader, you will run everything like an absolute boss.

Cooking Farm mod apk free

Both game genres have brought an appeal to players throughout the years. Now we have a product with a bold identity of farm management and cuisine. Cooking Farm will be a game that brings a unique mix of familiarity and novelty. Indeed farming and managing a restaurant won’t let you sit idly by. Download and experience the Cooking Farm mod for free now.

Download Cooking Farm MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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