Cover Hunter MOD APK 1.8.48 (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy)

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NameCover Hunter APK
PublisherFree Actions
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Cover Hunter – game for believers who love shooting at many angles. Transform into a mighty warrior and take a gun to destroy all opponents. Perform precise shooting phases, causing all opponents to receive a tragic end. The battle journey in Cover Hunter will let you experience and express yourself. A lot of battles will take place where heroes shine. Aim at the target, and destroy all enemies that appear. Each battle will be a big challenge that you need to face. The decision to fight or surrender to the enemy is also your choice. Don’t let yourself become a coward and give up. Instead, join the battle and win at all costs now!

Cover Hunter mod

Download Cover Hunter mod – Join shooting in all areas

Currently, there are too many choices when game studios are growing. Meet the entertainment needs of people and bring interesting experiences. Most gamers have always been attracted to shooting action games. Cover Hunter is a must-see game with millions of downloads on Google Play. Positive reviews have also shown player satisfaction. Although the gameplay is not too new compared to games of the same genre, there are many unexpected developments. Confront a series of enemies with powerful destructive power, many special abilities. You need to be observant and have a way to handle every situation quickly.

Cover Hunter mod free

Cover Hunter is built with FPS fans in mind. Join the journey of conquest with teammates to destroy the enemy. The noble mission and the assigned tasks also create a lot of pressure. It is necessary to plan and build a powerful war army. Move to the battlefield, and perform consecutive attacks on the enemy. Do not make mistakes, coordinate closely with the army. The match’s outcome also depends on how you participate in the battle. Take advantage and hit the opponent’s weak point, causing everyone to fall.

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More than 20 modern guns

The arsenal is quality guns with great destructive power. Players can discover and own for themselves the best quality gun. Not to mention, AK47, M4A1, AWP, GATLIN… will bring strong attack power. All will create projectiles that hit the targeted enemy. Feel free to choose the gun you want, a companion in fierce battles. Use the right gun for each battle, and eliminate the enemy forces. Each type of gun has features and control mechanisms that help you trounce the enemy. Choose the gun that deals the most damage, making each opponent no longer have a chance to survive.

Cover Hunter mod apk

Battle maps

The battle in Cover Hunter is spread across regions. Enemies will also appear in each place and bring challenges. Players will be able to move freely and act in every battle location. The battles will be long and will take place with many tense episodes. Each level will make you face formidable enemies, the difficulty will also be pushed up. Be on the big battlefield, show the power of a real hero. The deeper you go into the next battle screen, the more dangerous it is. Those formidable bosses can take your life at any time. Do not be subjective and focus on fighting, conquering all fierce battlefields.

Cover Hunter mod android

Control mechanism and easy gameplay

The control panel and how to join the fight are not too difficult. Simple mechanics make every player a true warrior. To the right of the screen will be the buttons to move, aim and shoot. The top left of the screen will be the corner to align the vision for the warrior to observe. Depending on the game’s situation, the player needs to have a compatible way of fighting. Do not let the opponent have the advantage, be ready to destroy them despite facing many dangers. Make the most powerful attack combos, combined with many smart tactics. This easy control mechanism will bring a high chance of winning if there is a determination to the end. Download Cover Hunter mod to fight in fierce shooting battles.

Download Cover Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy) for Android

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