Craft and battle: idle knight MOD APK 0.2.7 (Menu/God mode/High damage)

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NameCraft and battle: idle knight APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/High damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Crafting and fighting are the mottoes of this game. Craft and battle: idle knight brings a new feeling to those who have played many fighting games. Suppose you are used to gathering power from mysterious treasure chests or buying in stores. Then for Craft and battle: idle knight, you must create them yourself. Build the necessary buildings to serve the manufacture of weapons. Explore new areas and be careful if you encounter enemies. Craft and battle: idle knight combines many elements into one role-playing game. You must build, adventure, gather resources, and fight to be the strongest in this game.

Craft and battle idle knight mod

Download Craft and battle: idle knight mod – Do a lot of work to serve the battle

Not every role-playing game lets you skip the areas you’ve been through. Those places will even be your barracks in Craft and battle: idle knight. Added construction and adventure elements. Players at the beginning must create buildings for combat, such as your weapon forge, a pantry containing the food needed to survive. You will create a large town to do all the work there. Please do not ignore any buildings because they are what help you get weapons and tools to go exploring. And when you have everything, prepare for your long journey.

Craft and battle: idle knight is designed as a map, almost a big open world. You can still build there when there are many lands you haven’t been to yet. That means you can create a lot of towns that you own entirely. Move back and forth between cities to store or craft more convenient things. Having many places to go helps keep expeditions safe and not in great danger. But the things you face along the way will also need you to be on your guard. You are alone, so you have to prepare everything you need before you start fighting. Now let’s dive deeper into the features.

Craft and battle idle knight mod apk

Make your weapons

It is one of the rare titles for players to create their weapons during the entire game journey. Craft and battle: idle knight from there will stimulate the player’s creativity to the highest. But to make weapons, you need materials. Find materials from the terrain in the game. Get wood from the trees in the jungle, and get extra stones from the cliffs or mountains found everywhere in the game. Everything in Craft and battle: idle knight gives you an ingredient to make weapons. There are a total of 4 equipment that you will wear on your body. Look for more materials to make hats, armor, boots, and swords stronger and even more damaging.

Craft and battle idle knight mod apk free

Fight against all forces

All the monsters in the game are your enemies. Simply because you are the only human in Craft and battle: idle knight. The matches will be much more difficult when you have no teammates to support you. But what we get will be weapons and critical magic skills. Even so, it was still necessary to be wary of the goblin army with an overwhelming number of players. Skeletons fight with their fearlessness and agility. Flying monsters will be complicated when you must use long-range weapons to destroy them. Victory over any enemy gives you valuable gifts to craft weapons. Sometimes you want to fight all day.

Craft and battle idle knight mod free

Simple control and operation

Because it is played on smartphones, Craft and battle: idle knight is relatively easy to control. Swipe and touch are the only two operations you need to perform in the game. Swipe to move the camera, and the character moves through multiple areas. Touch the construction to perform its primary function. Tap on any enemy you want the character to defeat. Once the enemy is too many, you need to use overwhelming power to defeat them. No need to demonstrate complex skills. Craft and battle: idle knight does not force players to focus too much on showing abilities. Instead, it is hard to accumulate resources to upgrade weapons and skills to become stronger and stronger.

Craft and battle idle knight free

Adventure with a single character in the vast world. Collect resources everywhere to build buildings. Use buildings to craft weapons to confront enemies. Many enemies in Craft and battle: idle knights are waiting for you to come to defeat them all. Experience Craft and battle: idle knight mod without internet connection, play the game no matter where you are and at what time. Make the lone hero’s journey the most glorious and meaningful.

Download Craft and battle: idle knight MOD APK (Menu/God mode/High damage) for Android

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