Crafting Idle Clicker MOD APK 7.1.1 (Unlimited Cash/Boosts)

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NameCrafting Idle Clicker APK
PublisherBling Bling Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Cash/Boosts
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Do you know modern life’s process of creating materials, tools, and machines? All will be explored and unraveled in Crafting Idle Clicker. The clicks to create the item brought people into the industrial revolution. How many steps does it take to create them, and how much time does it take? Everything is summed up most concisely in this crafting game. You are given materials to combine and create a finished product. Players will learn about the origin of items in life from these processes. It could be a watch or even a car. You will be the one to create them.

Crafting Idle Clicker mod

Download Crafting Idle Clicker mod – The process of creating everything in life

The earliest days of man began with tools made of stone. At that time, people also created many tools for hunting and gathering for life. Players will start from minerals that can be found in the ages. Use them to craft and create new tools. Paving the way for industrial revolutions, manufacturing… A mineral can go through so many processes. Create a lot of items with different roles in life. Each time you craft something new, the crafting tree will expand. Not just one, but many different sub-branches.

Each material requires a certain amount of money to own. And to create items, you also need to spend money on the process of making them. So is there a way to help you make more money supplying materials and doing production? It sells products that have been created from the previous process. The point-and-click mechanism also allows players to budget themselves by tapping the screen. Created a new tool to help players get achievements and bonuses. There are many ways to make money in Crafting Idle Clicker. All promote the continuous production process. Everything will go from the primitive to the most modern.

Crafting Idle Clicker mod apk

Unlimited combinations

You will most easily recognize the original materials that are wood, stone, iron, gold… They all play an essential role in industry and human production development. And players will also be able to produce them in different ways. If no other materials are added, an original material will create items with the same properties. For example, wood will create ships or tables and chairs. But the combination will make things complicated. That’s how humans evolved to create new things for themselves. From clocks, generators, steam trains, wheels… New things are created to become the basis for new things.

Crafting Idle Clicker mod apk free

Proper financial management

In parallel with production, activities are the adjustment of influential financial factors. We have the tools but not enough money to execute the production plan. Or worse yet, there is not enough money to supply the materials. That causes the development process to be constantly delayed. Remember that materials and supplies have specific quantities to supply and produce. Align it just enough to create new items. Make sure the amount of leftover ingredients is not too much. Or at least it should be a lot of materials for us to have an idea of ​​​​creating new items from them. Another chance for you to receive attractive bonuses.

Crafting Idle Clicker mod free

Join the important event

As you create new items, you’ll love to showcase them and find partners for long-term cooperation and development. The conference system is what provides players with that desire. You will attend seminars on industrial development. As well as paving the way for projects to create new items. Introduce their products to attract investors. You will be provided with additional funds to support the new production process. Of course, these projects also have worthy rewards for intelligent and hardworking people. Suppose efficient materials and supplies are used. Your success rate and opening the turning point will be very high.

Crafting Idle Clicker free

Find new materials in sufficient quantities for production processes. Continually create new products ahead of their time and pave the way for industrial revolutions. Crafting Idle Clicker for players to exercise their financial management skills, numbers, and thinking to help create something new. Prove your talent in events and earn attractive employment contracts. Experience Crafting Idle Clicker to pioneer the human industry.

Download Crafting Idle Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/Boosts) for Android

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