Crash Heads MOD APK 1.5.5 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameCrash Heads APK
PublisherPlaygendary Limited
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Crash Heads allows you to become a captain leading a mythical hero. It would be best if you took your army further than you initially expected. The goal is to kill the monster and get first place on the leaderboard. Enter a challenging battle, confronting the extremely powerful. You can not joke with them; all decisions must involve specific tactics. There’s no such thing as idleness; every match makes you nervous. Cultivate the leadership nature in each player, unlocking new potential. The dynamic style will help you to follow the direction of challenges, unable to take your eyes off.

Crash Heads

Download Crash Heads mod – Try heroes with different roles

Each type of hero offers different abilities and performances. Archers, ice wizards, hammers, and others all become your allies. Choose to integrate these warriors into the same team or build a separate team according to each function. They can conquer the game, and if you help, even better. Great weapons become even more expensive and help you advance in your career. Flipping the battles, you can completely transform the arena according to your intentions. Crash Heads record all strategies expressed through the number of points you achieve.

Crash Heads mod apk

It would be best if you played as a team of heroes because the opponent is extremely heavy. If only fighting independently can be challenging to succeed, having a dollar will complement each other’s strength. Lead your team to the monster’s cave directly, and go into the tiger’s cave to catch the tiger. There is fear at first, but because this universe needs you, it is impossible to lose heart, showing the bravery of a leader. It’s not too difficult to manipulate the hero’s move; how you combine the power energies will be more critical. Challenge the heroes and let them reveal their talents to the outside. Enjoy the most sublime moments of thrilling matches.

Crash Heads apk

Fierce monster

Crash Heads creates bulls, witches, and hounds, all of which are enemies to terrify you. They possess large bodies with potent supporters. They arrange the battle and put your hero in the centre, surrounding all four sides. That can be a disadvantage, but setting your team’s warriors to radiate in all directions becomes an advantage. You must use each person’s strength, juggling the opponent properly. Your strong body and a large number of enemies become your only concern. Control the squad with just one finger, and assign each person to work together to defeat the boss.

Crash Heads android

Weapon selection

Destroy all enemies with Crash Heads’ ultimate weapons. Axes, spears, bows and arrows are practical tools to help you in this journey. The beautiful action is all due to the weapon’s effects; you should own a large number. Each type brings its power, so experience the whole thing to feel its explosion. Using the magic spiral to transform the hero formation continuously, the opponent must also be overwhelmed. The next level keeps increasing in difficulty; weapons are also promoted. Players need to upgrade the items and tools they have collected before actively.

Crash Heads mod

Majestic spells

Use more majestic magic if the weapon does not bring completeness to the match. For meteors to fall, freeze, the ability to heal are all things that you can do. Crash Heads has given you a special treat to grab it. These spells do not come. Naturally; they must be accumulated in the process. This endless adventure has given you many opportunities to recapture these magical things. The hero cards also start to work; players can use from 1 to 5 cards. Gather the latest energies to advance the match. Massive attacks force you to react quickly.

Crash Heads is a playground for you to show off your ability to control and control the team. Heroes also equip power abilities but cannot succeed without you. This journey takes a lot of energy and weapons, and the spoils are gradually lost. Just after each win, you have a chance to restore everything. So do not miss any moment to defeat the enemy, especially the boss. Divide the squad into many directions to destroy each object, do not underestimate the minions. Each place you go will bring a different feeling of struggle, getting harder and harder. Download Crash Heads mod, lead the heroes to defeat the monsters.

Download Crash Heads MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android

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