Criminal Desires MOD APK 3.1.11 (Free Premium choices)

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NameCriminal Desires APK
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Criminal Desires is a criminal underworld with formidable perpetrators. Society always contains criminal groups, performing dangerous acts. It isn’t easy to distinguish who is a good person around. The criminals are ready to do all kinds of evil deeds, many conspiracies. You will play as an investigator, performing the tasks of exploiting the culprit. Everything requires a player to have a thorough look, the right decision. Follow the tracks from the collected information and quickly clarify the case. Forcing evil subjects to accept the crimes they have committed.

Criminal Desires mod

Download Criminal Desires mod – Dangerous criminal world

Quests will be brought to you and your allies to investigate. Based on the available evidence, apply thinking to chain each case. Criminal Desires will let players become investigators, and solve many issues with teammates. Find out the truth and arrest all those who have committed illegal activities. This job will require expertise and perseverance, sometimes also need to face some challenges. Find out the identity, where the criminal is hiding. Find out all the traces related to the behaviors they perform. Offer solutions to make them pay for what they did.

Criminal Desires mod free

Start with the first case in a notorious house to investigate. You will have to coordinate with teammates to solve it more closely. In the fastest time, the culprit must be surrendered. Break into that house and by all means, make that guy confess. Together with the character, complete all the assigned tasks. Your talent will be shown through the way you investigate the case. Criminal Desires will bring many unexpected elements and developments. Join the journey to track down the culprits, explore the mysterious world. Solve all the things that are still hidden.

Criminal Desires mod apk

Speculating about events

The game needs to use calculations and think things through. With an intelligent brain, you will need to reason and have many different solutions. Accompany the character in each case, resolving conflicts reasonably. Open the mysteries, clarify all the truth. Expose evil deeds to the light. It is the discernment that will be the factor to help you achieve your goal. Predicting incidents, having a thorough solution. Learn more about the psychology and personality of criminals. Hit the weak spot for them to confess quickly.

Criminal Desires mod android

Wise decision

An investigator needs to make his own decisions. Depending on the specific case, appropriate handling is required. Each situation and incident will lead to a solution. The decision you make will directly affect the criminal justice process. Therefore, players will need to think carefully before taking any action. Making the right decisions will help you achieve the best results. Don’t regret anything done. Secure the future and authority of investigators. It will all depend on you, creating a favorable direction for the next journey.

The end for each case

You will be like a screenwriter of a crime-solving movie, writing the ending for each case yourself. It’s your choice, take the action you want. Every journey will have to come to an end, unraveling the truth. Whether the ending is happy or not will also depend on the player. Any details of the investigation will also lead to the end. With the character, carry out all investigations and quickly catch the culprit. Sometimes that very outcome also makes you surprised and dare not think. Together with other investigators, complete each task well. Conquer every case with mysterious events.

Become an investigator and what needs to be done. Help innocent people be vindicated, catch those who have committed murders and violated the law. The arduous journey will bring players countless challenges. Download Criminal Desires mod to investigate and solve cases, arresting formidable criminals.

Download Criminal Desires MOD APK (Free Premium choices) for Android

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