Cyber Hero MOD APK 0.1.2 (God mode)

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NameCyber Hero APK
PublisherRocket Game Studio
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Playing a space hero to save the earth is not a new topic, but it has always been something that gamers love to experience. Join Cyber ​​Hero to try a similar story. Alien invaders are threatening your planet. You have been chosen by humanity to put on a space suit. Fly across the galaxy to fight and regain your freedom. This adventure spans the universe with all its challenges and unique space locations. What will be your most extensive record when immersed in this endless war? Let’s move the character and move forward.

Cyber Hero mod

Download Cyber ​​Hero mod – Endless war in space

Created based on quite a few game titles in the past century, Cyber ​​Hero partly brought back the nostalgia of gamers when they just stepped in. You only have four buttons to perform actions for the main character. That is to move to the left or right of the screen. Jump up to dodge attacks and shoot back at enemies. Only those four buttons are more than enough for players to use in battles. The game screen is rendered in 2D but still retains the beautiful object quality. The context of many levels is set in space and detailed locations. There are only two ways to move the character: left and right.

The design of the 2D screen will help gamers have the most coverage of everything around the net. You don’t have to spend a lot of time exploring everything around. Just go forward or backward to complete the mission. Most of the time, you will encounter enemies and start fighting them. Click the fire button to let the character attack the enemy with his gun. Then the enemy will probably shoot back. If you don’t want to lose health, jump up to dodge those attacks. The level will end when you find the exit or finish all the enemies. The goal is simple, and finding a solution is not hard.

Cyber Hero mod apk

Use the right character

The chosen warrior is not just one person. It was a squad that had passed the most demanding tests on picking up their weapons and fighting. Each warrior will bring a unique fighting style. This is even more evident when combined with the weapons they use. Their designs are deeply inspired by the famous Megaman series of games of past games. The guns fired also have the same bullet path as in the old game. So choose your character to decide how you will defeat the bosses. Cyber ​​Hero is a challenge for gamers with high reflexes. Requires you to dodge and shoot continuously to be able to win.

Cyber Hero mod apk free

Diverse combat environment

The setting of Cyber ​​Hero is set in the future. At this time, man has advanced to extremely modern scientific developments. So you will find teleportation systems, space portals, energy cannons, and advanced weapons. These are even applied to levels in the game. Use a gun to move the electric currents to avoid them from touching the body. Suction magnetic objects with the magnet gun to open a locked door. There are hundreds of levels so that you will see hundreds of other modern technologies. You must know how to impact the environment. Finally, create an advantage when fighting the enemy and winning.

Cyber Hero mod free

Beat space technology

Your enemies, in particular, and humanity, are extraterrestrial forces. They possess a lot of advanced technology that can surpass even humans, not only in terms of size but also in terms of efficiency. The levels will show this more clearly with the many civilizations you encounter, from insect robots that can fly and produce the poison of their representative species to the giant bosses with a series of massive weapons on people. Those are all enemies you must defeat if you want to ensure that humans are the dominant species in the universe. Upgrade technology through battles based on the enemies you have conquered.

Cyber Hero free

You are the one chosen to be able to solve this humanitarian mission. Go beyond light years to destroy distant alien civilizations. Defend the earth from dangerous alien invasion. You need reflexes and ultimate fighting ability to win in Cyber ​​Hero mod. Join the cosmic war and collect the unique, powerful characters.

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