Dadish 2 MOD APK 1.14.0 (Unlocked levels)

Updated 12 months ago
NameDadish 2 APK
PublisherThomas K Young
MOD FeaturesUnlocked levels
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Dadish 2 plays the character of a father searching for his lost son in a real-life adventure. You have participated in the festival to bring your children to work happy and meaningful, but unfortunately, you have encountered some problems. Your child has gone somewhere, and you are trying to find him in this big world. You learn more new and exciting things in the process of searching. Cartoon characters, cute terrain and interesting objects are waiting for you. Players will move on strange new paths and go through obstacles to reach the finish line. You can play many turns, as long as you guarantee life until the end.

Dadish 2 mod apk

Download Dadish 2 mod – Reuniting with the missing children

You begin the process of weathering the storm to find your children. After many falls, you got up and saw all ways to move to the finish line. What achievement do you think you will achieve when you take the form of a turnip? Small body, flexible to follow your instructions, listen to the commands. Alone you will challenge on many different terrains, and everything is left randomly. Jump up or run straight ahead for the best moves ever. There are times when you hit a giant obstacle and lose your balance. Be confident to go straight, ignore the barriers and run to your child.

Dadish 2 apk

Not only have the task of finding the lost child, but you also have to destroy those who stand in your way. It could be a missile, a short fence, or an explosive bomb. Whatever it is, it’s an excellent experience for the times, and it’s not easy to achieve early success. Look around to take advantage of every opportunity to seize the unexpected. Everything comes to you most naturally when you can soar high and fall suddenly. Each round is different, and there is never a duplicate. That’s what’s new for players to enjoy, and at the same time creates many opportunities for you to experience. An adventure full of challenges is waiting for you ahead; hurry up.

Dadish 2 apk free

Overcoming obstacles

The player may have to wade through the swamp, fall into the water and sink there. Or will ride a rocket, climb a tree for a fulcrum and escape. Many challenges that Dadish 2 gives you; experience each level to see. Go with a talking hamburger to overcome each other on each front. Chase the smaller turnips, and search for them to achieve success. There is a whole herd of beasts waiting for you to attack; back or forth, you may have to face them. To have a lot of experience on the track, you have to hone through many levels. Go through each challenge to get more natural resistance.

Dadish 2 mod

Play by level

Dadish 2 creates more than 50 levels for players to explore without worrying about boredom. What you decide affects your fate after the game is over. Unlock for many groups to reveal what is still hidden inside. Collect stars to access many different levels, and each journey leaves a beautiful memory. With your skills, each class can be easily conquered by you. After many failures, you can realize a lot of experience for the next play. The best thing is to experience the entire terrain, challenging each level set by the game.

Dadish 2 android

Father’s joy

Alone to look after and rescue so many turnip children, each of them will find a way to hide. Your task is to bring them back to this happy life, which is not too difficult. When you step into this adventure, you will have many memories with your child. You are the one who brings it to work; leaving them missing is the duty you need to fulfil. They need to be brought back immediately if they do not want to be eaten by wild animals. He is a robust and resilient father, alone against the whole world to protect his son to the end. Accompany with hamburgers for an enjoyable experience. The day of the gathering is not far away, and you are approaching the finish line.

Dadish 2 introduces animated characters to reduce the activity in the game. Besides, interesting stories are also taking place, and they remind you. It could signal that you are about to see your child or find a way to deal with the situation. Tons of baby radishes are waiting for you to pick them up; delays can be dangerous. There’s not much time left to enjoy this beautiful space; move on. Download Dadish 2 mod, and start the adventure to find the lost children.

Download Dadish 2 MOD APK (Unlocked levels) for Android

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