Dark Throne MOD APK 2.1.0 (Menu/Attack Multiplier, God Mode.)

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NameDark Throne APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack Multiplier, God Mode.
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Dark Throne recreates the angry scene of heroes, they are trying to win peace. The sender is land owned by humans but has been tragically occupied. This incredible adventure offers a melancholy role-playing opportunity for each player. You are exploring the world and on a mission to protect humanity from danger. The noble missions will make you stand firmer in the arena and fight more objectively. Enjoy a lot of apocalyptic feelings, sometimes you are fragile between life and death. The monsters do not let the player down, they unleash formidable moves to remove you from the race.

Dark Throne mod apk

Download Dark Throne mod – Sweep opponents to conquer the world

The battles are always organized grandly, you feel this clearly from the first time you play. The action to suffocation has made you wave, no longer enough to bear the pressure from the opponent. You also create your wave, asserting a solid position. Sweeping opponents in all arenas, not missing any corner at all. The race cannot be stopped, only when one of the two forces lies down, then the war ends. But stop at the level, many next doors are waiting for you. The world always has things worth exploring, especially if it needs human existence.

Dark Throne android

Control thanks to the features on the screen, run or rotate every time you fight with the enemy. The player’s dodge and attack moves are made most smoothly. The demons grow stronger and stronger, they also add more numbers to defeat you. Squeezed into the final position, with no way out anymore, you need burning energy. A series of light rays are combined to create a solid protective circle. Many more unique types of power will be discovered, it will always protect you. Subtle skills and foresight complement each other and will have the desired result, the opponent then dies and lies in place.

Dark Throne mod

Hero with many characteristics

The mythical heroes in the Dark Throne always have a unique attraction for players. Paladin, Assassin, and Demon Hunter are all bright names for you to choose to become a warrior. But to own them, you must be at a certain level, satisfying the conditions to conquer. Each taste has its characteristics, grasping carefully will help you promote the most vital energy they bring. Additional armor, and weapons for each character, especially action skills. Coming to destruction this time, you need to protect the hero’s skills. Launch in time but not too much to save for later matches, try to control all your behavior.

Dark Throne apk

Dangerous pitfalls

The opponent is unpredictably transformed by the Dark Throne. They create pitiful traps, and the player who follows their lead is highly threatening. When your hero reaches the peak level, don’t be too scared but don’t be subjective. They surrounded forces everywhere, tactics constantly changing who would have thought? The world of demons is filled with destruction, they don’t want you to be their successor. Stealing their leadership made the anger boil even more, using all kinds of abilities might not be able to counter them. Team up by many heroes at once to destroy the entire force they have deployed.

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Terrain change

The spaces in the Dark Throne will change with each map you choose. Mainly dungeons, where demons often appear. Or fight on the harsh blizzard floor, every scene seems to be submerged deep to the bottom. Blazing dungeons, or a place where only darkness envelops them all. Every scene exudes the resentment that your opponent has for you. Either way, you should make the most of it, such as hiding. The terrain is up and down erratically, you should also pay attention to moving the character. Conquer every space, no matter how dangerous it is. Score a lot when stopping anywhere, and you will win.

The Dark Throne embraces the wrath of humans and monsters, two opposite forces. Incredible adventures of heroic characters for you to control. They will regain the peaceful Izendar of the past, the peace that needs to be returned. Humanity deserves to be reborn once more to replace the enemy’s wickedness. The waves of destruction will gradually subside, and no one but you to do it. Download Dark Throne mod, directly fight the devil’s anger, and act in all forms to regain the position.

Download Dark Throne MOD APK (Menu/Attack Multiplier, God Mode.) for Android

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