Dead Fury 3D MOD APK 1.3.8 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

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NameDead Fury 3D APK
PublisherFun Shooting Games - FPS
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Today, we have a massive arsenal of games to experience. They are diverse in genre, form, gameplay, interface, or features. Because of that, each game is suitable for different target groups. You may like entertaining games, but some people want to venture into the virtual world with horror games. When it comes to horror, the image of zombies will pop up in your head. Dead Fury 3D is a heavy horror game produced by Fun Shooting Games – FPS. It will deal with ambitions to conquer the limits of your bravery. But also because of that, Dead Fury 3D is only for you 16 years old and up.

Dead Fury 3D mod

Download Dead Fury 3D mod – Join to kill zombies

Dead Fury 3D tells you the story of the rampage of inhuman zombies. Relying on their barbarism, they are intent on taking over the city. Not only that, zombies spread diseases everywhere. The goal is to turn all the inhabitants of this city into zombies. In other words, become their bloodthirsty ally. What they crave is blood and tears, the human body. Indeed, the word disgusting is not enough to describe this awful thing. Therefore, the residents and the city need you. You are among the few survivors capable of breaking this deadly gloom.

Dead Fury 3D apk

For the peaceful days in particular and the city’s future in general, you must stand up now. Stand up and destroy all those hideous zombies. We are human and need to live with people. Although the other zombies look bloody and monstrous through 3D effects, hopefully, players will not be discouraged. In your hand, you also have a weapon that is an ally. Raise your gun high and let the zombies throw the taste of lead from bullets, the taste of smoke instead of human blood. Each wave of zombies pouring through troops will be more and more difficult to destroy. Players need to prepare mentally for that situation. But justice is in your hands. It will be a weapon that no evil can win.

Dead Fury 3D mod apk

Face zombies and giant bosses

In Dead Fury 3D, the producer Fun Shooting Games – FPS has designed dozens of different types of zombies to make it difficult for players. They differ in their hideousness, danger, and a few other factors. Some looked thin and sick, with blood stains oozing from their faces, hands, and feet. But some giants are bosses of zombies; it feels like being able to lift three or four people with one hand simultaneously. To defeat zombie bosses, you have to be a little careful. Facing this guy is not necessarily a good idea. Instead, the player can choose a small corner to hide and destroy him. Maybe dead, but that big guy doesn’t know who shot him.

Dead Fury 3D android

Use tons of weapons

Dead Fury 3D is a zombie killing game based on the primary weapon, guns of all kinds, from long to short. If you haven’t held a gun in real life, let Dead Fury 3D help you. Players will enjoy shooting in the first person, bringing an authentic feel. It is you who will aim and pull the trigger when it is appropriate. The ammunition in each gun is not much, so don’t waste it. The screen will show the number of bullets left in the weapon in the left corner. Only attack when the zombies are within bullet range. Otherwise, the explosion might wake them up, and you’d be in danger. If you want to escape, make high and long jumps according to the shortcut on the screen.

Dead Fury 3D apk free

Various graphic modes

There is a unique feature made by Fun Shooting Games – FPS that few manufacturers pay attention to. That is the variety of graphics modes suitable for different robust – weak devices. This allows players to shoot guns without worrying about their phones freely. What a passionate game producer, isn’t it? Not only that, but Dead Fury 3D is also available for everyone to play in offline mode. Even without the internet, you can still experience this survival game’s thrill. In addition, the control design in the form of a rotation with four arrows in four directions will maximize the ease of the shooter.

Dead Fury 3D is based on a post-apocalyptic setting. Participants are not divided into teams but will play singles. Or simply alone, you will fight the crowd of zombies. Supporting you will be a massive arsenal of guns with diverse damage and firepower from a first-person perspective. It would be no exaggeration to praise Dead Fury 3D as the best zombie game ever. Would you be willing to experiment to confirm the above claim? Download Dead Fury 3D mod and kill zombies to save the city.

Download Dead Fury 3D MOD APK (God mode/Dumb enemy) for Android

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