Dead Target MOD APK 4.125.2 (Menu, Unlimited money/Ammo/Med kits)

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NameDead Target APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Ammo/Med kits
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Dead Target gives players the context of the world falling into an epidemic. Appear the zombies and disturb human life. You will be the one to destroy them and not to increase the number of zombies. Fight with zombies and bring many great challenges. Face zombies and kill them all quickly. Enter the dungeon and approach the zombies. Attack continuously and do not let them survive. How long will this war last? Will human life not be threatened by them anymore? It all depends on the player’s ability. Attack and shoot consecutively at the zombie’s body, causing it to be defeated and die.

Dead Target mod android

The world with zombies always appears, making life turn upside down. Zombies always want to eat people. That’s why they will make people live in fear. You will be the one to stand up, protect your life and others. Grab the gun and hit the road to destroy all zombie lives. Use all your strength and ability to make them die. Overcome challenges and difficulties ahead, go to zombies and shoot them. The army of zombies will have to accept death appropriately. Join the shooting battle and bring peace to the world. You will become the best shooting hero. Dare to fight zombies and protect your own life. Anger of stick 5: zombie and Last Day on Earth: Survival also let players kill zombies, protect their own lives.

Dead Target mod free

Download Dead Target mod – Shooting zombie attack

In an era where life is threatened, death always happens. You are one of the lucky ones to survive. Therefore, in order not to fall to death, there is no other way but to fight. Shoot every zombie that appears and keep your life safe. A shooting game to destroy zombies is being chosen by the gaming community. Fight like a hero and bring back the life of all mankind. Destroy zombies and quickly turn them into corpses. Zombies always have great power, so you also need to focus and use all your strength. From there, every zombie army will no longer be something to scare you. Use guns and shoot at zombies. Will you be able to use all your strength and destroy all their life force? Continuously attack and increase the power to destroy the opponent.

Dead Target mod download

Kill the undead

The undead zombies are chasing you. They find ways and tricks to quickly get their lives. The army was large, and they worked closely together. That is also the difficulty that zombies create. Players will have to face a series of zombies alone. They have a very fast chasing speed, so you need to increase your speed as well. To fight and not give life to the evil zombies. Make them subject to death, not you. By fighting and aiming for the target, they quickly let them have no way to survive. Players will use weapons and make all zombies will not be able to counterattack.

Dead Target mod apk

Dangerous zombies

They have many different shapes and powers. There are even those that are bosses of the zombie team, and it will always pursue you. By all means, get close and like to swallow you. Therefore, it is necessary to combine many separate fighting styles. It not only depends on guns. Players need to have more skills. Know how to dodge in time and not let them get close. Huge zombies and powerful attack power. Your life is extremely fragile, can fall to death at any time. The ability to spread disease and spread is also extremely large. That also means increasing the zombie force quickly. Players will also have to fight many zombies, facing even more dangers. Countless zombies and many types, extremely high resistance. Let’s control the character to move and thoroughly destroy the hateful zombies.

Dead Target mod

Various combat guns

Guns are indispensable. Dead Target offers a lot of different guns for you to do the task. Including pistols, rifles, cannons… Each type contributes to attacking the other dangerous zombies. Each type of gun will have different uses and destructive abilities. Having a sound system when firing gives you the feeling of being in real life. Unlock more high-damage guns. Power up to fight against zombies. Explore large arsenals of weapons and choose depending on the battle. That will also be a way for players to deal with enemies. Download Dead Target mod to become a zombie killer, a skilled shooting hero.

Download Dead Target MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Ammo/Med kits) for Android

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How to unlock all guns pls tell

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