Dead Trigger MOD APK 2.1.3 (Unlimited money, ammo)

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NameDead Trigger APK
PublisherMADFINGER Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, ammo
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Are you ready to join a super horror war? If you want to test your courage, come to Dead Trigger immediately. Here, players must confront the enemy everyone wants to avoid – zombies. Gore, weird, creepy and dangerous are what they bring. The zombies are trying to invade the human city. They roamed everywhere with their inherent horror. They aspire to bring our civilization to an end. But this beautiful world and life cannot stop like that. In Dead Trigger, players will become the best shooter and save the world. Use excellent skills and accurate aiming to destroy the undead.

Dead Trigger mod

Download Dead Trigger mod – Join shooting to kill zombies

The extreme zombies are increasing in number significantly. They have entered every alley, and now few places are safe for humans. It would be best if you quickly prepared for war before they destroy civilization. Do not hesitate to fire bullets at the zombies with the barrel in hand. If it weren’t for the fallen zombies, all of humanity would have fallen to ruin. In addition, zombies often go in groups, in large groups. When you hesitate, they will probably rush out to steal you. Hope that lousy situation doesn’t happen. You must survive to save the hostages and other survivors. The distance between zombies and the player will show them when approaching. Pay attention.

Dead Trigger apk

Zombies are all over the city. Dead Trigger assigns you tasks in different positions depending on the game screen. Dead Trigger can give hints of zombie locations with photos and follow the features and traces in the image to find and destroy the demons. You will have opportunities to explore the vast city, but zombies can rush out from any corner or dark corner, so you must focus. When facing hordes of undead, the quest is displayed on the screen, and you must follow it to win. For example, the 150s entrance guard mission will have a countdown timer for you to perform. The zombies continuously enter that way, and you must cleanly kill them.

Dead Trigger mod apk

Non-stop survival horror

When entering the world of Dead Trigger, the battle for survival occurs non-stop. Zombies can attack humans day and night. Players have countless creative ways to destroy these hordes. However, the application of the fighting method must be based on the actual situation. With that, the zombies have just been destroyed, but the gunman is less injured. Shooting zombies directly with a gun is a popular way to kill them. However, if zombies come to a large crowd in an instant, the speed of shooting will not be in time. At that time, try some powerful explosives such as bombs, mines, and cannons to send them all away at once. Don’t let zombies keep you too long in one location.

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Powerful weapons

As mentioned, the choice of weapon in Dead Trigger is a factor worth noting, contributing to your victory or defeat with the zombies. So prepare a diverse arsenal of powerful weapons you can pull out and use when needed. Dead Trigger’s gun system has many quality and rare guns such as Minigun, Colt 1911, Enfield, Scorpion, and Striker. Although their damage, range, and some features are different, they are generally tools that zombies must fear. Besides guns, Dead Trigger also gives you many other weapons. Those are brutal melee weapons like chainsaws, mills, grenades, mines… Win to unlock 13 characters like Radar and Autoheal.

Dead Trigger apk free

Amazing graphics

Belonging to the action-horror series, the images in Dead Trigger will somewhat overwhelm you. The zombies are drawn with many different shapes and colors. But all of them are creepy and bloodthirsty. The image is so realistic that players shiver slightly as they approach with bared teeth and glowing blue eyes. The perspective of the city where zombies invaded is also meticulous and detailed, like an actual city with buildings and alleys. In terms of weapons, it isn’t easy to criticize. Because they look like the real thing. Dead Trigger also gives us a view through the viewfinder to feel the most realistic target shooting.

At Dead Trigger, players receive free updates with various utilities. New missions, weapons, characters … are added without requiring the player to pay. You also get to back up your progress in the Cloud so you can continue whenever you want without starting over from the beginning. So now you are brave enough to kill zombies in your way? Download now Dead Trigger mod, reload and shoot to erase the zombies from our lives.

Download Dead Trigger MOD APK (Unlimited money, ammo) for Android

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