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If you follow manga or anime with romantic themes revolving around love, you will surely love Devil Kiss. Can you choose the right person you can trust? Freeing yourself from the demon mark will lose your soul at a specific time. The entire Devil Kiss game is about the main character’s journey to find the person who will rescue him. It must be a nice guy who always works with you. Or is it the actual demon lurking in your daily life? Many questions will appear with the relationships you encounter. Devil Kiss starts and ends unexpectedly.

Devil Kiss mod

Download Devil Kiss mod – Find yourself from mysterious characters

Based on many games with a dating theme between boys and girls that are already too familiar to many gamers, Devil Kiss brings a new color based on old content but is still attractive. The story revolves around the main character about to lose his body to the devil. From there, we must find a way to remove the curse by finding the real mastermind. In the process, the player will contact the boys that appear in life. Your interactions and conversations will determine how the story unfolds. And there are plenty of possibilities for different episodes for you to enjoy. The main goal is still to remove the evil curse inside you.

Players will interact with the main character with other characters, mainly through dialog boxes. You choose the answers to the questions posed by nature. Relying on that answer can build a relationship for better or for worse. The plot introduces you to 4 characters who always appear in work or daily activities. It can be close to everyone or just someone you like. Events will happen randomly and based on your behavior too. Sometimes there will be a few hints to tell you who is the real demon casting the curse on you.

Devil Kiss mod apk

Open hidden scenes

Scenes are compelling visuals of the characters and the relationships between you and the other characters. They will be unlocked when you have a certain intimacy with each person. Jay’s hobby, for example, is hugging you, and she’ll want to do it all day. Scenes can be opened at the end of the conversation or used diamonds for immediate possession. Their detail is worth setting as your phone wallpaper. If you like a character, try to collect as many scenes of that character as possible. Hidden interactions will also contribute to opening up more interesting hidden scenes.

Devil Kiss mod apk free

Fascinating characters

It would be a significant omission if we didn’t mention the cast of Devil Kiss characters. There are four characters you will meet from the beginning to the end of the game. All have complex interactions, scenes, and relationships. The first is Arthur, who is younger than the main character and doesn’t like being called a brother. Han always carries in him a cold air. However, he is warm and likes to drink on a romantic night. Jay always wants to hug you and give you love anytime. But, on the other hand, Cain was fine being alone without being bothered by anyone. 4 characters with four distinct personalities will push you into many interesting situations.

Devil Kiss mod free

Begin the stages

A stage in the game corresponds to one or more consecutive days that have passed. Then you are in the process of breaking the curse placed on yourself. By now, you have also become acquainted with all Devil Kiss characters, don’t matter who you get to know and foster a relationship with. So the system will calculate the stages that you have gone through. That’s how many days have passed since being cursed. This is quite important because each stage has more random events happening. Those events can do you harm or do good. But, of course, it still depends on the processing to decide whether you can solve the integer or not.

From an ordinary character with nothing special to mention. Start getting caught up in the journey to save yourself from the devil’s curse. Make friends and get acquainted with suspicious mysterious characters. Push the relationship to the maximum to reveal the truth behind it. The ending of Devil Kiss mod is wholly based on your actions and judgment. Will you complete the release from the curse or lose your body forever?

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