Dino Bash MOD APK 1.9.6 (Unlimited money)

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NameDino Bash APK
PublisherTilting Point
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Dinosaurs are endangered and in danger of extinction. You will stand still for it to be extermination or stand up to fight? Dino Bash is a game for you to rescue dinosaurs from dangers. Help them to survive and reproduce a large number of dinosaurs. Battle destroy the enemies and keep the dinosaurs safe. Dino Bash will let players step in to train them. Attack the cavemen who are starving. The difference in the game is that you will fight with lovely dinosaurs. Attack and quickly destroy the evil intentions of people.

Dino Bash mod

Download Dino Bash mod – The world of dinosaurs

Back in the legendary Jurassic century, the time of reptiles and dinosaurs appeared. Instead of a battle for you to fight dinosaurs, Dino Bash has an entirely new gameplay. You will help them fight against humanity to ensure their lives. It was humans who invaded and stole unhatched eggs. Players will join the fight to eliminate the conspiracy of ancient man. Protect the heritage and do not let any force destroy it. The high entertainment that Dino Bash brings has also created an attraction for the game. Dino Bash will accompany you to relieve stress every day, play whenever you have free time. Kill all the stupid older adults, let the dinosaurs survive.

Dino Bash mod download

The fierce attack of ancient humans also made the dinosaurs come to the brink of extinction. Not too strange with dinosaur skeletons appearing. If you want them to exist, you have no choice but to fight. Lead the dinosaurs towards humans and do not stop attacking. That is the fastest way to counterattack. Help them get a safe habitat, incubate eggs and hatch new ones. Ancient people will also constantly find ways to get eggs. Eggs are the future, the life of dinosaurs. In addition to participating in the battle with the dinosaurs, the player also needs to control the eggs.

Dino Bash mod apk

Many dinosaur species

Gather countless different dinosaur species for players to coordinate combat. Form a powerful army to be able to fight the ancients. Players will join them in battle, defeating human forces. In addition, you will also unlock many new dinosaurs. Contributing to increasing their strength to let them deal with the ancient people. Species not to be missed include T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors and many more. Each army will join forces and fight off attacks from the humans. Don’t forget to summon mighty dinosaurs, equip them with attack skills. Use all you have to defeat the enemy force quickly. Crush each opponent, assert your strength.

Dino Bash mod free

Attacking the stupid ancient people

Ancient humanity is the force that you need to destroy. They have taken action to destroy the life of dinosaurs. Unable to stand by, players need to enter this battle. Face a series of mighty armies from ancient people, with dinosaurs attacking. Use volcanic bombs, ice, hidden traps, blizzards to strike against humans. In addition, close coordination with teammates will also be a way to destroy opponents. It is also a great source of power, more destructive than any weapon. Know how to use the right combination of weapons to confront the human army. Don’t let the dinosaurs go extinct, get rid of the evil deeds from the fools.

Dino Bash mod android

Upgrade combat force

Strengthen the battle squad and go to battle with all the dinosaurs. They are the army that will join you in the battles. Strength and combat skills are critical. Players will need to increase their strength, train them to add new tactics. To be able to confront a series of powerful enemies. Build a tight defence system, combining modern weapons. Before fierce and stubborn attacks from opponents, you will need to make a lot of effort. Deploy both ground and air battles. Summon all the dinosaurs to make a mighty army. Download Dino Bash mod to protect the survival of dinosaurs.

Download Dino Bash MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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