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NameDino Robot APK
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SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Assemble robot dinosaurs and have them fight each other to see whose work is the most perfect. Dino Robot has reborn the fighting robot assembling genre with a brand new theme. Those are animals that have been extinct for a long time – dinosaurs. However, they are not mythical creatures. But the monumental appearance combined with the robot components will transform them completely. Now the battles between robot dinosaurs are causing fever all over the world. Anyone wants to create the perfect robot dinosaur version of themselves. Can you perform like them and do excellent and powerful work? Let’s learn about robot dinosaurs.

Dino Robot mod

Download Dino Robot mod – Craft a giant historical creature robot

From seemingly ordinary components. You are going through many intermediate steps related to mechanics and technology. You will have your first robot dinosaur. First of all, choose the type of dinosaur you want to create. Remember that there have been hundreds of different kinds of dinosaurs in history. Even a dinosaur can have other powers and moves. That depends on how creative your components are. You must choose what metal its outer skin is and paint it in your favorite color. Then select the engine for use in combat, suitable weapons, skills, and special abilities. Finally, a complete robot dinosaur is created.

We have to do so many complicated steps because there are many types of materials in Dino Robot. Hundreds of different materials, when combined, can result in thousands to tens of thousands of other products. That is the exciting point of Dino Robot. When any product created by the player is unique, and unlike anyone else, there will be specific requirements and standards for your robot dinosaur to be able to fight. That is, it must not be missing any essential body pieces. At the same time, the player must choose a fixed skill for it. That said, you can only decide on one type of power per type of robot generated.

Dino Robot mod apk

Upgrade each part

Every part you choose for your robot brings its value. The most typical and recognizable are the claws of dinosaurs. All types of feet are integrated with special moves to attack opponents. Invest in the robot dinosaur’s nails every time you have the conditions and materials. The rest are body armor, tail, and combat engine parts. Materials are graded to show which dinosaurs they will work with. When creating your first robot, you will be guided through all the steps to select parts. Then comes the second product yourself; you will combine everything according to your ability.

Dino Robot mod apk free

Ultimate skill selection

As was introduced, the robot dinosaurs all contain their own set of skills. It is so unique that the skill level is based on the essential elements. Then the trainer and you will combine those essential ingredients. Creates a new elemental with a new skill that deals impressive area damage. All four skills can be used on a dinosaur robot. You can only use one skill per turn to fight an enemy. A shield layer is also for you if you want to block enemy skills. However, it can only be used once per battle, so use it when needed. Each skill can be upgraded many times to be stronger.

Dino Robot mod free

The War of Geniuses

Completing a dinosaur robot product is the joy of any player. And it would be even better if it could win against a competitor’s product. The robot war in Dino Robot is between the effects of all players. Show your opponents the perfect robot design you have. Then the battles will take place in turn to find the real winner. The struggle is not just about fighting until one side is defeated. It also depends on factors that counter the engine power, elemental, and skills… Seize the perfect opportunity to take down the enemy. Dinosaur robot tournaments are always happening and will be your exciting playground.

Go through many selection and evaluation processes. Combine all the perfect parts to create a powerful dinosaur robot product. You will need a lot of time to learn and verify which version is the most powerful. That is the value Dino Robot mod can bring to players who love design and technology. Moreover, he is a master in engaging strategic duels.

Download Dino Robot MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited HP) for Android

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