Dishtionary MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping/Unlimited Rupy)

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NameDishtionary APK
PublisherRedRain Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free shopping/Unlimited Rupy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Dishtionary opens the most fascinating survival adventure of all time with constant challenges. Under the dominance of the panda Trash, you have to endure specific difficulties in survival. Being stuck on Ananas Island makes you lazy, hungry and poor. At first, you didn’t know how to make a living, create products to revive in life. But fortunately, the near hunger makes you have to go conquer the places with food on your own. On Ananas Island always contains a lot of food, you can collect resources for processing. So please start your own business, make this strange place a second home, grow it into a rich place.


Download Dishtionary mod – Ultimate survival simulator challenge

Your ultimate goal is survival, finding your own reason to live. This adventure requires the player to go to as many places as possible. The task of accumulating resources, selling to the market and becoming rich is more important than ever. There is a lot of food on the island, as long as you work hard to find it, you will have something to eat. Mining, fishing, wood cutting, farming and animal husbandry are routine tasks that you need to do. Those simple challenges will help you survive long in this strange land. Explore mission after mission, unlocking the next playthrough. Go with your pet and enjoy this exciting journey.

Perform quests on a large map, mainly to collect food. Walk around the island, stopping at a point that you think is a resource. Once you have a stable fuel source, you can start making upgrades. Faster operation, high efficiency to collect money quickly. Upgrade your own profile level, just getting rich is how many opportunities you already own. Increase working performance, get bonus every day. Players should work harder, plowing day and night to get the results they deserve. Score as many points as possible, so you quickly become a tycoon.

Dishtionary apk

Building houses

At the beginning of your adventure, you don’t have any possessions in you. You become rich also thanks to two empty hands that up. From a person without a home to live, drifting everywhere to owning the most massive buildings. Grow them like a kingdom of splendor, ample space. Exploit more vacant land to carry out construction. Houses eagerly spring up one after another, forming your own campus. Upgrade from small houses to villas. Spacious houses will be built in many styles, Dishtionary always has designs available for you to conquer.

Dishtionary mod

Tool upgrade

Tools like axes, hammers, sickles, fishing rods and more will become indispensable items in your collection. These help you manipulate easily in farming. They will also be upgraded over time, the design will also be more advanced. From a wooden rod, gradually to a metal, more modern with an automatic fishing system. Sickles to cut grass, harvest vegetables or axes to mine minerals. Expand your land, cultivate more to use those axes. The better the tools, the smoother the process of farming or building your house. Collect a lot of loot to serve many purposes.

Dishtionary mod apk

Grow and feed

Players can collect wood or food from livestock and grow more plants to increase income. Chop wood on trees, fish, raise livestock to earn money every day. The products you grow will be taken care of until they are grown, harvested, and brought to the market to sell. This is the first source of income after days of hard work. Each time you sell, you also earn quite a bit, the amount of gold keeps piling up. Getting richer is your goal; develop as many other products as possible. If you can accumulate rewards at each level, even better. You will quickly get rich thanks to this familiar farm job.

Dishtionary shows off his extreme survival and adventure skills. Only a small squirrel accompanies you, staying close to you to help you feel less sad, but it doesn’t help much. But you are able to cope alone without the help of others. Explore a world where everything is edible, or otherwise has the potential to be mined to become a valuable resource. Play mini games in this conquest journey, know many challenges that make you less boring. This is also a way for you not to be lazy, work hard and survive. Download Dishtionary mod, explore unique destinations, exploit to survive.

Download Dishtionary MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping/Unlimited Rupy) for Android

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