Dream House Days MOD APK 2.3.7 (Unlimited money, tickets, research points)

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NameDream House Days APK
PublisherKairosoft Co.,Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets, research points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Dream House Days is a game for you to build the house of your dreams. The game is published by Kairosoft from Japan. This is considered one of the titles that bring success and create high entertainment value. Players will be able to build and manage all activities here. Those are the two tasks throughout the game that you need to take on. Build a system of motels and rentals to earn extra income. Many exciting experiences will be shown through each game screen. After everything has gradually stabilized, the only thing left is to collect money. It all depends on the player’s ability and methodical management.

Dream House Days mod

Download Dream House Days mod – Build and manage an inn

Ideas from everyday life are the inspiration for Kairosoft to launch games. Dream House Days is a prime example of such exciting ideas. You will be fascinated by the gameplay and the companion characters on each level. Play as an innkeeper, meet the needs of tenants. Strictly manage operations and at the same time expand the scale by building new inns. Work will also bring a lot of pressure, requiring intelligent handling. The profit earned will be based on working capacity, the number of guests coming to rent the house.

Dream House Days mod free

Most people who work as hired workers in Japan will have to find accommodation. This demand is increasing and also creating job conditions for the landlords. You will play the role of an innkeeper, investing in building your first inn. Initial difficulties will also occur, making you sometimes discouraged. However, things will gradually become more stable when approaching the first guests. Finding the knots, solving the problems for the people who come to stay has also been a success. Everything will happen according to a certain process, you also need to cultivate a lot of knowledge and experience. Gradually expand and manage the more extensive inn system. Build your dream house and earn lots of money.

Construction process

Everything will be done and resolved by you. To have a row of motels, you also need to have a fairly large capital source. Therefore, it is necessary to save money and save a certain amount of money. Initially, it will build a house with 4 empty rooms. Next, you will decorate and buy more furniture and appliances. Everything is not as easy as you think. Everything must be done according to the systematic process. Meeting all factors and needs of tenants, finding potential customers. Constantly improve and repair the rooms to get more people to rent the inn.

Dream House Days mod android

The inn manager

After the initial construction of the inn is completed, it is time for you to take on a new role as a manager. This is also a difficult and stressful period to face. At this time, your ability to handle situations and ways of working will need to be shown. When there are guests who come to rent, the first thing to do is to find out their personal information. Based on that, you will have a clear understanding of the background, offer appropriate payment levels for them. At the same time, the rules of the accommodation are set out for tenants to understand. Review and strictly manage the people who come to hire, do well in the role of a manager. Friendly, scientific work will also cause sympathy with guests. That also helps to increase the number of visitors rapidly.

Many situations to face

Each tenant will bring exciting situations. Sometimes it even makes you confused and needs to find a reasonable solution. Some couples fall in love, get married and have children. Your hostel will also need to come forward to certify their whereabouts. Many problems also come when the number of people coming to rent houses increases. The rental rate is often controversial. You can’t deal with feelings that need correctness and certainty. Countless other situations arise that you have to deal with every day. The sole purpose is still to make tenants satisfied and have a stable income. Download Dream House Days mod to build a dream house with large inns.

Download Dream House Days MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets, research points) for Android

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