Drone 5 MOD APK 2.00.028 (Unlimited money)

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NameDrone 5 APK
PublisherReliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Drone 5 is the hottest area in the world, you are the main character in this brawl. You represent humanity, conquering the spaces and destroying the evil zombies. You must restore order to the world and control the ultimate weapons to defeat them. The forces of zombies always give you a headache because their number is too large. The rapid spread has changed the world; can you prevent that from happening? You are one of the soldiers with the most potential, surviving to regain peace. Respond to zombies with high-powered weapons.

Drone 5 apk free

Download Drone 5 mod – It’s time to enter the battlefield

A series of drones appeared, and the zombies were looking up. You are the owner of these helicopters, constantly firing bullets from above to destroy the enemy. The grudge has grown; zombies also eliminate humanity, and many delays are considered irreparable. The situation is becoming increasingly critical; you are also in particular fear. Streets must also explode because of fierce battles like this; every upheaval is being emitted. You are entirely in control of this rigor. The talent of a commander is needed right now, don’t let today be the end of the world.

Drone 5 mod

The soldiers on the ground also became the last hope of humanity. You control this army, directly rushing into the crowds that the zombies are gathering. Their number increased so quickly, terrible chases from them. Those zombies will not spare any military convoy, including you. Attacking in the dark is also a disadvantage, but it will be fine if you can afford it. Zombies surround every corner, and the virus in zombies spreads very strongly. Ensure safety until the end; only you can help the world. Peace will be revived as planned, waiting for the player’s talent.

Drone 5 mod apk

Mode selection

Drone 5 has up to 2 modes for players to explore, zombies or troops. Every challenging side brings tension; the heat shows no sign of cooling down. If you choose zombies, you have to face thousands of moving undead; they are looking for your location. They will rely on planes to knock you down from afar, which is a dangerous option. By joining the military mode, you will experience the challenges on the real battlefield. The bases are fully established, obstacles appear, and the enemy has prepared his army. No matter what arena you participate in, it would be best to keep your balance; your life comes first.

Drone 5

Weapon domination

Guns and planes are two powerful weapons used in Drone 5. You all have the right to own and control them to destroy your opponent. These weapons all have a vast capacity; the bullets are replaceable. Massive selection of types to bring about fiery destruction; all opponents can be eliminated in a single shot. Upgrade the devices you have; they will work better if upgraded. With five weapons in the collection, you should change to use. Depending on each match, you have reasonable and destructive ways to use it without consuming fuel. Seven improvements to help you quickly achieve your goals.

Drone 5 apk

At the top of the leaderboard

Drone 5 creates 30 official leaderboards; players can be lucky to participate here. With your efforts, first place is always worth it, from being a soldier squad member to a commanding lead. Dominate attacks, nuclear bombs; every explosion makes you victorious. Rankings take place regularly to update leaders’ performance. Stick to the secret gameplay of the duo, and capture the zombies alive. Master your shooting skills, and manipulate other devices to join forces. Come up with exciting, highly military strategies to respond to dangerous situations.

Drone 5, and you prepare techniques to survive the world’s most significant battles. Military or zombies both bring you certain moments of tension. Pay attention to military plans, and coordinate the workforce to match the number of opponents. The cruel zombies are active in the streets, rampant in the blocks, and even in restaurants. Players are careful with the tricks they give you. They are accepting risks, taking high risks but bringing exemplary achievements. Download Drone 5 mod, work under military or zombie environments.

Download Drone 5 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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