Dude Theft Wars MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode)

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NameDude Theft Wars APK
PublisherPoxel Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Become a gangster, do every action in the world of Dude Theft Wars. Every bad thing you dare to do, do not let any force prevent it. No longer respecting the law, all acts are beyond the allowed regulations. Players will be rebellious, despite everything, to be able to achieve the goal. Destroy the world with every action, even the most naughty. Do you want to play the villain once and do bad things? Dude Theft Wars is the place for you to do just that. Open up the vast world, explore to master this society.

Dude Theft Wars mod

Download Dude Theft Wars mod – Gangster world

You are an ordinary citizen, living with the right standards. Sometimes, it has created boredom that makes you want to change yourself. Escape from your current self and become crazier than ever. Everything right and wrong will no longer be necessary. Above all, what you do is to satisfy your own pleasure. Wandering the streets, racing, killing people… Everything is in control and the player’s action. People around you will look at you with frightened eyes, that is entirely normal. Life, the future will be free for you to decide.

Dude Theft Wars mod free

Step out from the house, go to the city outside and start with the happenings that will take place. Players will play the character Jack, an active and youthful young man. He always wanted to stop living a mediocre life. Jack’s desire to change, become more and more rebellious. Train juniors, build gangs to coordinate to achieve goals. Become the person you want to be, make everyone around your fear. Disturbing the whole city with everything you do with your teammates.

Dude Theft Wars mod apk

Driving cars and planes

Move across the city to every corner you want. In addition to walking, you can drive a car or plane at will. Go to each location and experience every other activity as well. Compete with other opponents, shooting at people who are appearing on the road. The police force will also chase, stop to arrest you immediately. By all means, must control the car to escape the police quickly. Exciting chases will create excitement for players. Dude Theft Wars has also provided a lot of cars and planes for you to choose from. Own your favorite cars, go on every street. Relax in the helicopter, go to the open world with missions.

Dude Theft Wars mod android

Police chase

All players’ actions are against the law, affecting street order and security. The police force will not leave you in peace. They continuously chase, assign each other to detain you quickly. They will increase their wanted as your crime level increases. From there, players will also face many dangers. Shootings also begin, allowing you to show off your abilities. The police car is ready to rush at you, attacking in succession that makes you dodge quickly. Make precise attacks and sniper attacks to take down all the police. Observe and act rapidly to create impressive counterattacks. Make the whole army of police impossible to complete the objective.

Dude Theft Wars mod download

Take every action

Control Jack to do every action, go to each map to do what Jack wants. Steal things from the neighbor’s house, join the casino… With easy controls, touch the screen to start every move. Every time you complete a mission successfully, Dude Theft Wars will give you the corresponding amount. Money will help you buy more weapons, upgrade necessary equipment. Buy new cars and accessories to go to the next level of play. Each action will bring exciting experiences, for you to be a real gangster. Smash everything, don’t follow any rules. Clash with police, destroy this whole city with all dangerous actions. Download Dude Theft Wars mod enters the gangster world, becomes the destroyer of the world.

Download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode) for Android

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Kairul npcs
Kairul npcs
1 year ago

I want use menu in dude theft wars pls

1 year ago

I want to join

1 year ago

daha yuklemedim ama guzele benziyor

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