Dungeon Breaker Heroes MOD APK 1.20.9 (Menu/Damage, defence multiplier)

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NameDungeon Breaker Heroes APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defence multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The journey to save the Queen begins in Dungeon Breaker Heroes. She was captured by monsters, taken to a dangerous place. Players will play the role of Hunter to find the Queen and destroy the enemy. Battles have since then taken place, confronting a multitude of different opponents. Collaborate with teammates to complete the mission. Ensure the Queen’s safety, help her escape from danger. Facing a series of challenges, quickly destroy the evil youkai. Bravely go to the enemy bases, perform many dangerous attacks.

Dungeon Breaker Heroes mod download

Download Dungeon Breaker Heroes mod – Rescue the Queen, destroy youkai

Role-playing gameplay combined with action has attracted many gamers. Start with the quest and move to the areas that Dungeon Breaker Heroes brings. Players need to find the place to capture the Queen, quickly escape safely. Find the monster’s hideout and destroy it immediately. Participate in each level of play and get unique experiences. Self-reliant, against attacks from opponents. Conquer the Dungeon, assert your own bravery. Set goals, step by step, make the other youkai fall. Stop evil actions, win every war.

Dungeon Breaker Heroes mod android

Many different battle positions will be displayed in Dungeon Breaker Heroes. Observe your opponents and have timely attacks so they can’t resist. Courage and experience in combat will help players get the victory. Even if you are not active in the game, you can still conquer the Dungeon. Arrange each position for the warriors, with specific tactics. Deal with all dangers, confront all enemies ahead. There are smart fighting styles, watching every move from the enemy to overcome the challenge quickly.

Dungeon Breaker Heroes mod

The world stretches out infinitely

The location maps in Dungeon Breaker Heroes are huge. Players will be moved to all areas. Perform missions in every journey, towards the goal of destroying the enemy. Many levels from easy to difficult in the adventures, providing different challenges. Hunt dangerous bosses, causing them to have a tragic end. Each map that appears will let you face its own challenge. Includes many sprawling areas for players to explore. Mark adventure milestones with outstanding achievements.

Dungeon Breaker Heroes mod free

Hunter team formation

Superheroes will join the player in the battle. Gather a lot of talented superheroes, present in the battles. You will gather into an army of Hunter warriors, ready to participate in any battle. Recruit people with strength and good skills to fight. Equip them with equipment and weapons to step into the battle screen. From there, build the strongest squad, defeat all enemies. Upgrade and promote the strengths to help the warriors have more power. Dare to stand in front of a large army of enemies, gain victory, make the monsters surrender.

Dungeon Breaker Heroes mod apk

Explore the big boss area

Move to the bases, where the evil bosses converge. You will begin to fight, against counterattacks from them. Raid areas, Arena, Underworld portals, and more. They will one by one appear and confront you. The challenge and the danger will also start here. The brave, fighting hard, will win. Combine attacks and collect materials to upgrade weapons. Complete the levels perfectly, don’t let the monsters survive. Face off against many other opponents in battles, get to the top of the leaderboard.

A battle with many dramatic developments will happen. The road to rescue the Queen offers many challenges for you to face. Work closely with teammates, use fierce attack skills. Help the Queen quickly escape, return safely. Show experience, smart fighting style, worthy of being a talented Hunter. Download Dungeon Breaker Heroes mod to conquer Dungeons, defeat evil youkai.

Download Dungeon Breaker Heroes MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defence multiplier) for Android

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