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Dungeons have always been a place where monsters live, places that humans don’t dare go. It’s just a place where people with courage and strength come to fight. But have you thought about siding with the monsters and against the heroes? Come to Dungeon Maker to get the best experience. No longer playing the role of an attacking warrior defending the right, now you take on a different mission. It was to protect the dungeon from the hero’s attacks, not letting them reach the goal. That is also the difference in the gameplay of Dungeon Maker, which attracts many players. So try your best to prevent all actions from the warrior, get a solid base.

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Download Dungeon Maker mod – Defend the dungeon against attacks from heroes

When it comes to strategy and role-playing games, you will probably think of transforming into a warrior. This is also a familiar topic that is exploited by game publishers. But when participating in Dungeon Maker, you will experience the difference. It is to side with the monsters against the forces of justice. Find new monsters to team up with, using all sorts of clever tactics. It is a strength, frenzied attack that will be the way to confront every brave knight. Do not be subjective because they can destroy your base at any time. Determined to carry out a wide-ranging attack, promptly preventing counter-attacks from the opponent.

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Dungeon Maker is a story about monsters and knights. These monsters usually live in dungeons. The heroic force always wants to fight and destroy all these demons. The knights never wanted to stop their actions unless the demon lord was defeated. That determination also made the lord must gather his army to fight them all. The battles will be continuously broken, who will get the victory? Join the battle to know the final result.

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Summon monsters

The matches in Dungeon Maker are turn-based, with both forces fighting together. You will have the task of gathering the army by recruiting monsters. Up to more than 260 different monsters will create a large battle formation. Elizabeth, Lilith, Rebecca, Emma… are formidable demons. The lord is in an important position, leading his forces to fight. The unique thing is that the lord is not a monster but a beautiful girl. You will have to join her to attack the opponent and protect against all dangers. Although she is a woman, she is very strong, fighting to the end. You should pay attention and not let her be defeated. Team up with all the monsters to repel the fierce battles that the knights make.

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Dungeon building and strategy

The target that the heroes aim for is the lord and the dungeon. They would always find a way to destroy the dungeon as soon as possible. Therefore, it is not only necessary to focus on fighting but also to protect and build the base. Renovate and make the dungeon more solid, hard to topple on day one, day two, expand the defence, and arrange guard forces around. At the same time, use a powerful battle strategy to deal with each warrior. Set up many traps on the positions that the opponent passes, quickly defeat them all, however, the opponent also has its own tactics, so be careful.

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Upgrade the monsters

Despite possessing formidable strength, also lost strength after a long battle. To get the expected results, don’t forget to upgrade the monster. Improve attack stats, and combine monsters to create stronger monsters. After each level, you can also unlock new monsters or collect more eggs. Discover more of their superpowers to get the most suitable attack. Download Dungeon Maker mod to destroy the warrior force to protect the dungeon.

Download Dungeon Maker MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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