Dungeoning MOD APK 0.1.1 (Free upgrades/Hero lvl up)

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NameDungeoning APK
PublisherIron Horse Games LLC
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesFree upgrades/Hero lvl up
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Dungeoning pushes you to exploit heroes and their accompanying skills. The list of legendary names will be added to the collection, you are also stepping up the squad. Go far together in particular battles, ready to fight the enemy. The methods are constantly changing to promote the battle, you still have to prepare many things. The process of gathering warrior information, strengthening capabilities, and getting ready for war. You will act like a true hero with many survival skills, survival is essential. Stay strong no matter how many difficult roads you go through, challenging terrain still does not make you discouraged.


Download Dungeoning mod – Collecting information in the dungeon

The dungeon is where the entire battle between warriors and monsters occurs. You collect heroes, weapons, and combat skills to serve the journey later. The whole truth in the dungeon is revealed if you win the battle. In the quest to collect information to increase the epic, you will form a monumental history. This responsibility is also very high, leading to many spectacular surprises. Make sure your hero is strong enough to fight against all genres. Moreover, the treasure hunt will help you advance in your career with mysterious makeovers even you yourself do not expect.

Dungeoning apk

Your heroes also fight non-stop day and night, you have to control them throughout this process. Go for the results you want, keep working on it no matter what. Warriors upgrade even without a network connection, it’s convenient. You follow the character little by little to not miss any information. Paying attention to each person’s fitness, you will have a plan to promote your strengths. Enrich heroes, collect resources and expand treasures. Perform epic missions, and lead the way with new tricks. Combat technique is also something that you will have to pay more attention to, otherwise, it is easy to fail.

Dungeoning mod

Explore the dungeons

The landscapes in Dungeoning are carefully designed to bring about a fierce battle space. Go to the deep areas to collect more resources. You conquer the challenge there, improving every skill right on the battlefield. With each map released, you will discover more things than expected. Darkness is still dominant here, you will have to fight it to regain the position for light. The roar of the opponent echoes through the cave, you can feel it too. Level up according to your talent, and exploit this world your way. The game screen changes continuously, updating the latest versions to players’ hands.

Dungeoning apk free

Collect spoils

Dungeoning prepares a whole list of items for players to conquer. The goals will give you many opportunities to conquer the loot. Knives, hammers, swords, shields, diamonds, witch hats, and more. These items all contain outstanding power, you will compete for it every moment. Take some time to explore the new land, and collect for yourself the valuable resources that are still hidden. Those advanced weapons are the way for you to customize your hero. Giving them a perfect look, their weapons are always ready to deal with the mightiest.

Dungeoning mod apk

Join boss battles

When your hero is upgraded, the battle moment begins. Expand the squad, prepare the technique and click accept. You will confront the most powerful monsters, they possess large bodies. Even their minions are roaring, they want to eat you alive. Tackle significant challenges and receive commensurate rewards, your efforts are always rewarded by Dungeoning. Be more active in these wars, you have many opportunities, so don’t miss them. Rush at your opponents, pulling out a sword or whatever weapon you think is suitable.

Dungeoning hunts for treasure from opponents in the dungeons. Many challenges come to you, failure is also inevitable. The caves contain many resources that are unlocked in turn, collected promptly. Players must ensure that the hero’s strength is always in good health, and the items must be complete in the collection. Reach further goals, and achieve many achievements in the rankings. The bosses are also maximized, you have to fight them day and night. Invest a lot, and choose the best options to apply to the warrior. Download Dungeoning mod, reach the cave, and defeat the enemies to get the loot.

Download Dungeoning MOD APK (Free upgrades/Hero lvl up) for Android

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